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28 Jun 2020
I am Arun from India. I am willing to apply for MEXT Scholarship 2021 as a research student. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Physics(final semester) and am willing to pursue my Doctoral studies in Japan. I have a strong academic profile, with a University First Rank (CGPA of 9.36 ) in my UG Degree in Physics and am well placed to maybe receive the topper award in PG (CGPA of 9.2 till penultimate semester). I although had different research plans but was forced to change my master's research field due to lack of facilities. I am hoping to carry out research in my preferred field in my doctoral studies. Considering my Strong Academic Profile and a short lack of apt research experience, how well am I placed to receive MEXT Scholarship 2021 ? And will therebe a subject oriented entrance examination? Please guide me
Your history is great, I'm sure MEXT would love to have someone with your "profile". But approval depends only on your performance in the test and the "interview" with your consulate.
I imagine now days the virus situation will have a lot to do with MEXT. Seems the whole world is messed up in so many ways because of the world wide virus.
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