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mext scholarship

  1. K

    Help MEXT scholarship

    HEY GUYS, I am Arun from India. I am willing to apply for MEXT Scholarship 2021 as a research student. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Physics(final semester) and am willing to pursue my Doctoral studies in Japan. I have a strong academic profile, with a University First Rank (CGPA of...
  2. E

    MEXT Undergraduate Art

    Hello! I'm a junior in high school and my dream is to go to Japan and study fiber arts and printmaking at either Tokyo Art University or Tamabi, though Tamabi is my dream school. The only way this would be possible is if I was accepted for a MEXT scholarship. I've been looking through the...
  3. Daryk Childs

    MEXT Scholarship Continuation

    I apologize if this is already a topic, if there is a forum currently available on this question, let me know! I am a MEXT Japanese Studies Scholarship at Kobe university. I will finish in August. I won't have to do any school after that to graduate with my undergraduate degree. I want to go to...
  4. Yulia R

    Help Taking University Entrance Examination in JAPAN

    Halo everyone, I am applying for MEXT research student 2018 GtoG and other scholarship from Indonesia government. I have contacted the professor and he agreed to accept me as his student. For the Indonesia government scholarship I need unconditional LOA, but the problem is I have to take...
  5. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    Application Process And Result

    Okay, So once you are done with your initial preparation, the actual thing begins. And I forgot to mention, it is okay if you don't know Japanese (unless you are applying for Japanese studies ) Its not a complicated procedure. It just takes a LOT of time. You need to wait almost 8 months to get...
  6. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )


    Hello ! This is the first time I am writing a blog, so if I make any mistake, please ignore them lol :emoji_flushed: The most basic question ( often asked on various threads and groups ) is what exactly is this scholarship? I will answer this in the shortest possible way. This is a scholarship...
  7. Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    Embassy Recommended MEXT : Research Student Scholarship ( India )

    This blog will contain an overview of the process of application for the research student scholarship via a local Japanese Embassy. I had applied for the 2017 selection for this scholarship and was selected along with (atleast) 25 other applicants from India. This blog will mostly follow the...
  8. Samuri

    Changing the field of study for MEXT Scholarship (Research Student)

    Hello, everyone. I'm quite new to this forum so I apologize first if my question sounds bizarre or unclear. I am from Myanmar and it is almost sure to say that I passed MEXT scholarship as a research student for next year. My question is if it is possible for a MEXT applicant to apply for a...
  9. D

    MEXT scholarship

    Diyorbek: Hello, how have you been? I am a new member of the forum. I have found the forum really helpful in many ways. The other day I posted a thread as to how I can get started learning Japanese for MEXT scholarship and I was provided with really helpful answers. But I still have a vague...
  10. D

    A complete novice at Japanese

    Hello folks, I believe that everybody has a reason to start learning a foreign language. Some do it for study/work purposes while others have totally different grounds for finding a will within themselves to take up a foreign language and make their bests to pick up that language as...
  11. kagu

    Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Specialized Training College 2017

    Hello! There are threads particularly for Undergraduate and Graduate categories already but since no has created one for this category, I thought of making one. I applied for this category and I actually took the exam and was also previously interviewed as well. I didn't actually expect to...
  12. Sissada

    MEXT: Question; University recommendation and admission fee

    Question: I just got accepted to a university and was recommended for the MEXT scholarship. The university asked me to transfer nearly 300,000 yen for the admission fee to secure my position for the MEXT. Is this regular procedure? I've never of this regulation before. Wouldn't it be weird for a...
  13. R

    Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Undergraduate Scholarship 2017

    It seems that the results from the 2016 Monbukagakusho Scholarship are mostly in and since no one else has started this thread yet, I thought I would do the honors. I will be applying for the MEXT Undergrad Scholarship in March. The conversations I saw in the 2016 and 2015 undergraduate threads...
  14. calley21

    MEXT - Questions Regarding Transfering Course/Supervisor/Uni

    Hi There, I have been accepted as a research student for MEXT, and have some questions regarding the progression from Research Student - Master's Student - Doctoral Student. 1 ) On my application, I stated that I wish to progress all the way to PhD during my studies. But my question is, must I...
  15. Ascetic Monk

    GPSS-GLI Interview: Can I please have some advice?

    Hello everyone, I have been shortlisted as a Master's candidate for interview by the GPSS-GLI. I was advised by them that coverage of the interview will be on the short essays, research plan and other documents that I submitted as part of my application. Is there anyone here who has been...
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