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MEXT Scholarship for Postgraduate 2011: General Discussions.

Keio and Waseda have delayed their spring semesters until May 6th. Is that affecting anyone here?
Yeah, that's affecting me too.. As nyampala said in Waseda we can choose whether to come on 5th or 20th..
Everyone who's going to Waseda, which date will you attend the orientation?
Hi, will my 2 year associate's degree count in the years of schooling for the MEXT Scholarship? I'll be also graduating in college this year.
I'm currently taking a bachelors in Asian Studies and after this would like to take a masters in Japan.

I'm studying japanese (taking 2kyuu in december).

However, I don't know to what universities apply to. I'm going to try this year already, but most likely I will not be accepted, as I'm still a secund year student and they give priority to students who already have a bachelors.

I'm thinking about fukuoka university (japanese language major), waseda university (japanese linguistics) and nagoya university (japanese linguisic). Nevertheless, I don't want to become a japanese language teacher, and I'm also thinking about taking a masters degree (as long as the classes are taught in japanese) in something related to business or international relations.

Could you give me some advices?

Since this year it probably won't be possible, I want to start preparing things for next year as soon as possible.

Thank you.
I wonder If anybody have tried to enroll as a researcher to TODAI (or another Jp. Univ.) through MEXT scholarship in legal ( law) field of studding?
And is it possible?
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