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MEXT Scholarship 2015 (Research Students)

Hi dmnte,
Noticed that you haven't posted here for a while, but I was wondering if I could grab your email address or some other way to pm you? I'm also a canberra local thinking of enrolling at kyushu uni for 2016, be great to hear from you if you get this message.
I was rejected as well. We do need 16 years of education. People with 15 years of education are rejected. So please be careful before applying :) best of luck guys :)
Hello all of you!

I decided to ask the embassy about the 15 and 16 years issue and they confirmed me that is okay to have 15 years study background

Best regards
Hello to all, I’m starting this thread so we can all share experiences and knowledge about the Monbukagakusho Scholarship for Graduate Students (Research Students), I’m from Mexico and I intend to apply for the scholarship at the Japanese embassy in my country, I’ll post in here the links that I’ve gathered with information regarding this scholarship that focus on graduate Students, most of them are experiences written by other people, and I think they could be very useful for everyone here. If this thread is repeated please tell me, or erase it.

Please note that none of this links and the comments on them belong to me, and I don’t intend to get credit for them, I just wish to share them so we can all use them and help each other out, if by posting this links I may cause any kind of mishap, please forgive me, it’s not intended to cause trouble:

Links in English:

Study In Japan Comprehensive Guide
Dave's Blog ? Going to Graduate School in Japan on a Monbush? Scholarship
How I got the Monbusho Research Scholarship (Part 1 of 4) | Lars Martinson: Cartoonist
With Love from Japan, Eustacia: For Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholars
How to get Monbukagakusho Scholarship | Urban User Experience and Interaction Design
Taiwan Pirate: Asian Art, Education, and Adventure: My MEXT Monbusho Study in Japan Scholarship Process Part I (postgraduate but still useful)
10 Biggest Japanese Universities Enrollment (using MEXT scholarship) | Dhresta's Corner

Links in Spanish:

Muere, Blogosfera: Beca Monbukagakusho (very useful)
BaJap?n: Las Dos Caras de la Moneda, Beca Monbukagakusho
Beca | ?Un mexicano en Jap?n! (for undergraduate, still useful)

Links that require payment:

Monbukagakusho Research Scholarship (2013-2014) Prep. Guide? eBook - GraduateInJapan.com

I’ve paid this one, is truly useful, but it’s outdated (last version of the eBook is from 2010)
I hope you find this links useful, I certainly do, if you stumble across other sources, please share them, and for those who already got the scholarship share your experiences with us, it would be truly appreciate it.

Finally, let’s start with questions and answers, we should be able to help each other if we make an effort, let’s share, communicate and build connections so we can all get better chances on getting the scholarship.

Let’s do our best!!!
I want to apply for Mext in the field of Fine arts next year. I am choosing the university recommendation process and for that I was looking for professors to contact but I couldn't find their emails or any source of contact through the university website. Can you tell me how to find emails of professor and also that is my chosen field reliable for getting this scholarship?
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