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Can somone in here, please help me locate or give some information about them by giving us contact details. Thank you.
Yes. Thanks. That place was I'm referring to. How can we able to find them, do you have any recommendations? A lot of thanks.
Koshi is very odd as a male given name. I think it's an abbreviation or something. Sorry, but it would be very hard to find them without their detailed address or correct kanji name.
The present address of Shimagahara-mura, Ayama-gun, Mie prefecture is 三重県伊賀市島ヶ原 Shimagahara, Iga-shi, Mie prefecture.

What is the relation between you two, by the way? (I mean you and the OP.)
what is OP? the person who posted is my cousin..and the person we are looking for is our aunt... the address i have given was the address shes using when she was sending letters to my grandma before... that was 2004
OP is Original Poster; the one who created this thread in this case.

As in the wiki page I linked above, Shimagahara-mura was merged with several towns, a city and village to create Shiga-shi on November 1, 2004.

Didn't she write the detailed address on her letter?
Thats all i know 😭😭😭 that is also the address i remembered... we are living before in province of DAVAO City Philippines... and 2004-2005 when my grandma got sick we transfered in the City and i dont have any contact number from her...
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