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Looking for Participants for Japanese Language Research (from a desperate grad student)


10 Jun 2022

I'm not totally sure I'm posting this correctly, so feel free to correct me.

I'm a PhD student, and need to collect some data from bilingual Japanese speakers (you could be learning Japanese as a Second Language, a heritage speaker of Japanese, or a native Japanese speaker--I'm looking for all).
I'm running a study, which involves a short language background questionnaire, followed by an activity where you read sentences in Japanese out loud, and are automatically voice-recorded. The whole process takes about 15 minutes. Here is the link: Powered by Gorilla

-If you're a nonnative speaker of Japanese, your native language must be English.
-You need to be able to read hiragana script in order to participate.
I'm happy to answer any questions.

I would really, REALLY appreciate it if anyone is willing to participate and/or can share the link to anyone who might be interested.
Furthermore, if people have ideas about other places online to look for participants, that would be spectacular as well! Thanks so much for your time reading this!

I tried to access that webpage, but it says it is 'full' and not accepting anyone new.
Thanks for helping me again, Buntaro!
Ok, I went in and checked and it's because there's several people who have the experiment open. I just added more tokens, so it should work now. Thank you so much! Let me know if you run into any more problems
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