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Where are you from ?

Where are you from ?

  • Japan

    Votes: 96 4.6%
  • European Union

    Votes: 556 26.8%
  • Other European country

    Votes: 106 5.1%
  • USA

    Votes: 524 25.3%
  • Canada

    Votes: 107 5.2%
  • Australia or New Zealand

    Votes: 78 3.8%
  • Central or South America

    Votes: 50 2.4%
  • Asia (except Japan)

    Votes: 335 16.2%
  • India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal

    Votes: 25 1.2%
  • Middle East

    Votes: 61 2.9%
  • Africa

    Votes: 29 1.4%
  • Other (please specify)

    Votes: 116 5.6%

  • Total voters


17 Jul 2002
I was just wondering how international this forum was and where the members came from.

I jump on the opportunity to introduce myself :
I am the perfect European. Born in Belgium with origins of at least 5 differents EU countries. I have lived and/or studied in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia before to come and live in Japan now. My wife is Japanese. I am currently teaching English, and to a lesser degree French and Italian in Tokyo.
( question...are you Tahara/1/2ic????)


As you can see, I'm from Nr. Ireland is a scenic place with a lot of history, and this is a great idea to see how international the forum is, I hope you get a good response as I'd like to know. 🙂
ahhh no, looks like a peeing war is gonna happen :)

hehe, I'm 3/4 German and 1/4 Danish born and raised in NY State, party high schooled and graduated from a uni in California, learned to calm myself in Japan and I'm married to a Japanese dragon lady too :)

Now, I wonder if my genes weren't adjusted due to the German expermintalogy of my relatives ...

So now you all know why I come across so strange. Thank goodness for the Danish blood and Japanese modesty !!!

Originally posted by moyashi
So now you all know why I come across so strange. Thank goodness for the Danish blood and Japanese modesty !!
Seems to be a good mixture, as far as I can say.
What did you vote for shintemaster ? Nobody has chosen Australia...

Who are the 2 guys who have chosen "Other". I'm wondering where you come from.

Don't know really....

I've heard the final D pronounced with a T quite a bit. It's not that difficult since names like Gerhard Weinberg are in the news every so often.

My first name is what takes a betting ... how the hell can you get Christine or Carlton, Carson or Kirsten out of Carsten .... dam ... 2 of the simpliest words in English "cars + ten" ... Well, that's the pronunciation I used ... a hard "ka" and weakend "r" sound would be a bit much .... for people who can't read English. .... My teachers all through out school.
I just checked the member list. Apart from you there's another member from Brazil and one from Argentina. But you're the only active member from South America.
I forgot, the other one from Brazil is my brother... :p pardon!

I told him about this forum so he must have had registered... hehehe
Aren't we all part of a great family here at the Japan Forum??

Buahaha, forgive me, I just had a fast Sapporo Premium Lager, nice stuff.
I'm an Asahi Super Dry boy myself in the city of the home to Sappro ;)

I had a few Carlsbergs on Saturday night ... wahoo, a night on the town without phone calls asking when I was coming home. ;) Too bad I only saw a few of SamuraiTora's Ronaldo Fan types ;)


@ thomas
you asked if there were any other interested family members... i would ask if there are any other interesting family members... hehehe...
Olivia, I automatically assumed that all of your family members are interesting.

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