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Seeking Looking for older half brother! Never met him before!


25 Aug 2020
Hello! So I am a 16 year old boy and last night i found out I have an older half brother by the name of Toro Shinsou (or Shin-so, I'm not quite sure on the spelling.) I know his mother and my dad met in Okinawa and that Toro is living as his grandfather's son and as his mother's brother. My dad has no parental rights as he was sent over to Japan while in the Marines in the late 90's. He was there for 2 years. 94-96 I think. If anyone knows of this family please let me know. He is HALF MEXICAN! Keep that in mind. I have no clue as to what he looks like or anything, just what my dad told me. Even he doesn't know that much. Thank you so sooo much.
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