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Tuco Pagano

11 Feb 2018
I'm looking for my brother John Chris Pagano. He is 6'2" with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a BA and MSA in engineering. He is 55 years old, from New Jersey and lived in Californa in the 90's. He has American citizenship, Japanese residence and Italian heritage. I have not seen him since 2005. He has a daughter Tompopo ans an ex-wife Kazumi. They have not seen or heard from him since 2015. Last know whereabouts Niigata Japan
Time is of the essence

Sorry I do not know of him: I recommend you try the US Embassy, facebook (look for groups in Nigata), related to what he was doing when in Japan, his hobbies etc.

Perhaps someone in Nigata area can offer other/better suggestions. Good luck
I think he does not want to be found. I did contact the state department and they informed me that if he does not want to be found they can't tell me if the made contact or not. Our mother is 89 and is concerned she will never hear from her son again, as am I. He had a blog going under the alias of Henry Hunt, the blog is called Three Pence Bread. He has not made an entry on that blog since 2016.
I did my best to google up something on him back when you first posted this. I couldn't find anything useful.
I found my brother Chris Pagano. He is In Niigata, It was great to see him. Japan is such a peaceful place. The culture is beautiful. There was a peace I felt everywhere I went In japan that I usually only feel in nature. The People are kind, considerate, caring, respectful,courteous and non-judgemental. I see why my brother is so happy there.I meet some people and can't wait to go back!
Did,'t you complain your brother, why he vanished around the circular world without any news?
pardon me that I pose this question. Hasn't he Alzheimer that forgets his identification or address occasionally?
I have heard some people who have Alzheimer go somewhere and then can't go back to their houses because of the amnesia. Some of them even have lost forever and their families never could find them.
I am worried about this illness and always use my mind to be refreshed. when I even am asleep try to think about various things or resolve some simple mathematics or physics equations in my mind, though the results are wrong often.

However, I am happy you could find your brother, but please be careful he doesn't disappear again.
I believe the reason my brother diapered was to get away from the source of his struggles, unfortunately "wherever you go, there you are" .
I spent 4 years looking for him. Sent him hundreds of E-mails, with no reply. Once I had an address, i went there in person to tell him that i love and miss him also to apologies for my behavior the last time i saw him (around 2005). His first response was that it was selfish of me to do these things. he also said time had expired for him excepting an apology from me. Like David Gilmour sings in the song Lost For Words
" So I open my door to my enemies
And I ask could we wipe the slate clean
But they tell me to please go f*** myself
You know you just can't win"

Although I never considered that brother my enemy, I did put myself out there because I love him and care about him but he cant see past himself. It's said because I would do anything in my power to help him with his struggles.
Sounds like you did the best that you could do. Hopefully he can get through his problems and things will improve.
Stephen Hawking
For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals
Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination
We learned to talk

There's a silence surrounding me
I can't seem to think straight
I'll sit in the corner
And no one can bother me

I think I should speak now (Why won't you talk to me?)
I can't seem to speak now (You never talk to me?)
My words won't come out right (What are you thinking?)
I feel like I'm drowning (What are you feeling?)
I'm feeling weak now (Why won't you talk to me?)
But I can't show my weakness (You never talk to me?)
I sometimes wonder (What are you thinking?)
Where do we go from here (What are you feeling?)

Stephen Hawking
It doesn't have to be like this
All we need to do is make sure we keep talking

(Why won't you talk to me?) I feel like I'm drowning
(You never talk to me?) You know I can't breathe now
(What are you thinking?) We're going nowhere
(What are you feeling?) We're going nowhere
(Why won't you talk to me?)
I miss my brother


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