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Seeking Looking for my brother

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16 Apr 2020
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Hello, my name is Naja. I just found this page and thought it's worth a try. I am currently in search for my brother whom I've lost contact for a long time. I'm currently living in the Philippines and last I heard from my brother is he's still in Kagoshima, Japan. His name is 福濱雄太 Fukuhama Yuta and in his mid 20s.

My mother is still in Japan but my brother is with his Dad - they separated when we were still young. My mother tried to get his custody in court but failed. She then moved to Osaka. As we grow older, my mother can't keep up visiting him from time to time as we're not that capable that time. Communication has stopped between them.

A few years ago, I tried to search him on Facebook but he's no longer active there. So I tried to message some of his friends and someone finally replied to my messages. He sent me a picture of my brother and we connected on LINE. I was happy. He wasn't too responsive to my messages. He said he's busy and I accepted. So after it's been a while, I tried to ask his friend, Kaede, what happened and he said that his phone was broken.

I tried to get as much information that I can but whenever I ask my mother about the details, it seems that the memory from that time is not so good. Being considerate that I can, I don't push too hard so I'm trying to work on this on my own.

I know that we don't have that much affection but since I have the means to go check on him now, I just wanted to reconnect with him. I know that it's been so long but better late than never.

Thanks for reading.
Best of luck to you. I hope you can get reconnected.
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