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Japan Photos 2024

Korean burger/chicken shop, Mom's Touch flagship store newly opened in Japan. "#1 in Korea."
I happened to walk past it the other day. It's just one minute walk from the famous scramble crossing in Shibuya.
When I walked by it earlier it was very busy. Here it was after closing hence the reason it looks so empty.
More info here.

New telephoto to play with, 82-300mm equivalent (fujifilm), today's initial experiments. The birds are to one side of the cycle path I always ride--they're in the brush between the path and the river. They're back to the same place every year, tho with some of the work and clearing that workers do along the river, the birds move 100-200m up or down, sometimes to the other side.





When the Ao-sagi first get there, the foliage is really thick. Then a month later about like this, and by the time they leave the greenery will be stripped even more. Some for nests, but I've wondered if they eat some of it, too?

This is my first experience ever with this length of telephoto. I was at a small exhibit yesterday at the local fujifilm studio, and while looking at lenses at the counter commented that I was just looking to see them physically, but would probably buy used online. "Oh," the woman said, "We have some used things over here." And they had this lens, slightly less than half of new price, and she said the maintenance folks had given it a once-over, and it looked to be in fine condition. So I bought it!


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Very nice shots and congrats on the telelens! (y)

I have never seen Aosagi chicks, lovely plumage!

Nothing closely comparable, but we saw large flocks of aosagi and u (cormorants) gathering along the Tama today (iPhone shot of bad quality):

Back over to this shop today. First is an establishing shot, second is the pillar to the left, third is closer to the shelves in the center (see the roll of tape kind of bottom shelf, right), fourth is an overhead of a box on the table to the right.




Different shelves, not in the first pic:

And this is obviously mounted, a piece of art, I'd guess a fish: (backlit, difficult to expose)
Hostile urban design.

Maybe one of these days I'll take a few pictures of some of the known sightseeing place around town...

That would be fabulous! And perhaps add one or two articles to our modest Ishikawa section... 🤩 🙏

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