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Japan Photos 2024

Sky Tree

First three are re-shoots of something I posted above:



Other places, similar:


A couple houses:


And this is the best shot (of several) in the market near there:

The weather was kind of okay when I went out this morning, then some very light rain/sprinkles on the way back to where I parked, and now... Now it's snowing, or maybe the better way to describe it would be "it's slushing."
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Are these wooden buildings inhabited, @johnnyG?
Yes, fully in use. Note the square light outside the entrance in #2 and #3, which (probably according to some community agreement?) is the same as in pic #7 (second to last). And the latter one there, you can see some writing on it, but I otherwise haven't been able to get an exposure for that, so in the earlier two it just looks like a white light. I'm not sure how to compensate for whatever, to get that included. Just leaving it as is, plain, seems to be the simplest solution.

Edit again: and note in pic #6, the first house/entrance. that on each side they've pinned up some plastic 'protection'--from splashes/moisture from the rain/snow. A little clearer stuff on the left, less to the right.

The entrance to that place looks pretty normal, but in reality the actual door that slides open is something like half height, so going in and out you would have to bend over to go thru.
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How about some actual storefronts:




The last one is Higashi-yama, the old entertainment district. So that protrusion on the second floor (and there's probably an architectural word for it that I don't know), you have to imagine a spring evening, maybe a hundred or more years ago, and those windows are open, and maybe there's some music coming out from there (shamisen? singing?), occasionally a geisha moving past, or beckoning from that window...
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Here's an odd one--long and very narrow up to the door, and I'll guess the walls on either side are not owned by the same. Also, no idea which way the rest of the place would be after entering. Straight on back, and as narrow? To one side or the other? And tho it's cultivated/gardened on the left, with the utility box there I wonder if this lead-up might be public property (=road)?

Sorry, this is a cropped iPhone telephoto. There are swarms of feral parakeets living in southern Tokyo and Kanagawa. I found this noisy bunch this morning while walking the dog. According to Wikipedia, they also thrive in many other countries like Britain and are considered pests in some.

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We have them in Brussels too (mostly in parks). But the place where they are the most common are in the Costa del sol in Southern Spain, where they nest in the abundant palm trees along every street. They're extremely noisy and are indeed considered as a pest by the locals because of that.
Did 'the bamboo walk' this morning--phone says 11,800 steps. Just a few shots, nothing special.



One of the few views now and then, back towards town.

Just an old farm/work shed. Besides farming the bamboo, in a few places there are some trees (apple).


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