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Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3

hello!!!im new in initial d 3..havin a mr2 g- limited(sw20) its reli quick in corners but damn slow in straights..im planning to get the God Feet's car(BNR34)...can anybody tell me whether its a good choice and wads the proper tuning?A.S.A.P!!!
actually the MR2 is quite a good car; i;ve got one myself. here're a few strengths:
- very good startup (one of the fastest among the 5-gear cars)
- drifty and leightweight so taking turns is a breeze (like what you said)
major weakness:
- NOT good in wet conditions, not good at all... takes a lot skill to control but still very hard to handle

the R34's strengths, on the other hand:
- quick startup (like most 6-gear cars)
- nice acceleration and top speed
but it's weaknesses:
- only good in myogi (bec. of its top speed) and shomaru (get the lead on startup and block all the way to the finishing line! hehe :p
- heavy and doesn't drift as much so you need to brake early (or hard) to take the turn
*if you really want to get a skyline, i suggest you get an R32 instead... performs better than an R34 and is one of the best in wet conditions

in short, the R34 really isn't a feasible car to get in ver3 bec. driftiness is what you need when taking turns and the R34 just doesn't cut it... i suggest focus on the MR2, it's a pretty nice car if i do say so myself :)
what drift techniques are suitable for mr2?

hey...ive gt a problem to noe wen to shift the gears...and secondly wad drift techniques is suitable for mr2...e.g.braking?eraser or TST?
check the tachometer:

shift up to 2nd when at 5500rpm
3rd - 5500rpm
4th - 6200rpm

5th gear depends on the course and you check your speed instead:
myogi > 158-160
usui > 151
akagi,akina > 139-141
happo > 135
iro > 115
shomaru > 102
tsuchi > 129-131

brake drifting is ok w/ the mr2 but better w/ an eraser; it's a bit prone to understeer/wheel lock w/ TST

I just started playing today and I cnt get past keisuke or however u spell it but I've been using the fc and I've been duing good with that but I dnt know much else
Ahh, persistence is the key sometimes, or maybe you just need to keep trying until you get the next performance upgrade :)
ugh i feel like such a noob.
when i was at fanime 2009 (united states) i saw all these guys playing D4 and they were crazy amazing. i played it a bunch with them, and got pretty decent. but i wasnt ready to spend 5 bucks on a card because i basically only had 5 bucks. so when i got home i went to the movies, and thats when i realized they just put in a d3. its not a new machine, but one of them works like a charm. the other one double shifts up sometimes, and the volume is turned up so much its ridiculous. but, here is where i feel like a noob. in d4 it asks you if you want to buy a card. but in this one, it doesnt ask at all. on the card reader it only asks if you want to upgrade your old card. the nearest arcade besides the movie theatre is like an hour or two away, and i dont even know if they have ID. so since i am stuck with no card, and i cant upgrade, what is the FASTEST stock car, i personally really like the subaru 6 spd. or the honda hatch SiR (eg6)
but ive been racing with some friends and i realized that the 6 spd is faster on easier tracks, but in the eg6 it drifts pretty good
so what is the best over all car? please help im addicted to this game and it is only 15 minutes by drive to it and about 30 minutes by bus, so it makes it easy to spend my money.
there're several stock cars that're pretty good...

5-speed cars:
- CN9A (mitsubishi evolution IV); decent startup, very good all-around car on all courses
- FC3S (mazda rx-7 infini III); good startup, good all-around car on all courses
- CE9A (mitusbishi evolution III); good startup, good all-around car on all courses
- FD3SIVI (mazda rx-7 spririt type-r); decent startup, good all-around car on all courses

6-speed cars:
- GDB (subaru wrx-sti); very good startup (fastest among 6-speed cars), good all-around car on all courses (but has a heavy 'feel' compared to the evolution III & IV)
- SXE10 (toyota altezza rs200); nice startup, good startup, good all-around car on all courses

best cars on myogi: BNR32 or BNR34 -both directions
best cars on usui: RPS13KAI (sileighty), 180SX, SE3P (rx-8) -both directions
best cars on akagi: S14, CE9A, FC3S, FD3S -CE9A for uphill
best cars on akina: AE86 trueno, GC8V - GC8V for uphill
best cars on akina snow: ST205, CE9A -both directions
best cars on irohazaka: CN9A, CE9A, SW20 -CN9A & CE9A for reverse
best cars on happogahara: EK9, DC2, EG6, SW20 -both directions
best cars on shomaru: SE3P, GDB -both directions
best cars on tsuchisaka: CP9A, BNR32 -both directions
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