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Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3


6 Jun 2003
Hey, any Arcade Stage Ver. 3 fans out there? I just started playing this game recently, but I'm already pretty hooked! The car I'm using right now is the RX-7 Spirit R (FD3S). Right now I'm stuck on Keisuke on Mt. Akagi.... does anyone know of any hint guides? (for v3, not 1 or 2) There is one on gamefaqs.com that has a little info about v3, but I haven't been able to find anything really good yet...
I love it I love it I love it!
Well, version 2 I played. But im gonna buy a PS2 while out in Japan especially.
Hmm... maybe v3 is only in Japan right now but AFAIK the English version of v3 is supposed to come out soon. I never really played v1 or v2, and in Japan when a new version comes out the old version totally disappears...

Anyway, I beat Keisuke.... and Ryousuke... and Takumi, but you have to race them again later in their faster "Project D" versions. Right now I'm on Happogahara, the uphill on that track is hard as hell. I think the best track is Irohazaka, it's so much fun to slide around hairpin after hairpin.
i've played V2 n i started playing V3. i guess to beat the hard ppl on mountains such as Akagi n Tsucizaka u have to noe whento change gears right (If ur using manual) and posiblt try not to hit the walls as much so u can go faster.
although i stopped playing coz i got broke im still ok at it
hope this helps ppl who r stuck in V2 or V3
Yeah, it's really really important in v3 to not hit walls. Once you hit a wall, the game doesn't let your car accelerate for awhile. Right now I'm stuck on Bunta... it's so f*cking annoying because he'll ram you into a wall and then even if you floor it you don't speed up... :eek:
lol. ur versing Bunta?? which car is he using? i mean versing his hachi-roku is easy but versing his GC8V? man that's hard, my evo3 can only beat him on IROHAZAKA! lol
This is on "Legend of the Street" mode (公道最速伝説), not "challenge Bunta" mode. So he uses the GC8V.

Supposedly if you can run a 3'13" or so in time attack mode you should be able to beat him, but I always keep getting messed up when I try to pass.
To all Initial D Ver 3 Players in Japan,

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oh legend of the streets. lol, don't u hate it when ur beating bunta on akina n ur like :"yes, im gonna beat bunta!" n all of a sudden u miss something n he overtakes u! far that annoys me!
aye dude wsuh?
We just got version three here fer like a week. I juss beat ti Today. Arite Akagi, if you want to beat KT, dont try to pass him up on the inside, he'll shut you out and when he does, youll lose about 15MPH ehnd hell gain a lot of advatage on you, so since he will probably beat oyu on straights, just wait till a chain of hairpins and take the outside of the trun next to him. If you do it correctly you should be next to him coming out of the hairpin and then you will have control of the inside of the hairpin ofr the next one. Should be easy from there

I beat the game dudes so if anyone needs some help, im your guy. Version three took meeh about 4 days to beat. Helal fun ill say. Im driving an EVO III in this game. Its a really hard car to drive. The handling is bad on S turns because the car wont respond. It took me a while to get the hang of it. I just had to use the brake more often then i did with other cars. After i got my misfiring system, that wasnt a problem anymore because if i braked, id get a big *** boost after the brake. I started my Trueno Today and i got through myogi, usui akagai, akina. and happo. ill keep posted

Arite iam really good at this game. So if anyone needs help im your guy. I beat the game already pretty damn fun. just needa go to some trounaments now. Arite quick tips, 1) USE YOUR BRAKES- most people think that using your brakes is a bad idea becaue you would think it would slow you down, no it dosnt, it slows you down enough to take the turn correctly and pass the comp up but if oyu didnt brake, you would probably hit the wlal on a haripin and lose. 2) Take the outside of hairpin turns if the computer is right in front of you. The comps in this version drive dirty so the oustside is your best bet on overtaking the comp if your not experience enough to overtake on inside.3) on Irohazaka, jump the haripins as often as possible, theres hard to land an not hit the next wall but they give you alot ob advantage 4) if your playin on hight time, use the light trink on comps if there ahead of you. Flicker your lights on and off and it will slow them down drastically.
Thats about it for now tell me if oyu need anymore help
anyone play initial d ver.3?if u have a pic of ur ara put it on here

hello 🙂 in initial d ver.3 i'm level 16 RX-7 spirit opsin C
I played this game like crazy in Japan. Musta spent at least 6000 yen on it. It's great.

Unfortunately I had no idea what any of the options mean, except normal race and time trial....but I beat the first 4 guys consistently by the end of my trip, think the hardest I beat was a difficulty 4 or 5 :|
i versed this one guy once with blue flame battle level 15
but 4 some reason i beat him so easily. I don't know if he was playing with me but i beat him on irohazaka by 150m. But he looked so concentrated...
Auras mean nothing before 20. It starts more off as a function of winning instead of who you beat.... and gradually becomes harder.

And in my case, auras will never mean anything because I play various cars.
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