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I live in Japan

Welcome to the forum, and good luck in picking up your Japanese studies. :)
I made a small notebook to carry with words I could use every day and added to it when I learned a new one. I also bought several books on using Japanese in everyday life and studied them. I went to the same restaurant and got to know people there. I helped them with their English and they helped me with my Japanese. A Japanese friend that speaks your language can be very helpful. And last but not least , the information here on JREF to help you is a wealth of knowledge ! Good luck !
welcome aboard, @kapu
How long have you been there? I know it can seem daunting, but even just getting a little conversational with Japanese will VASTLY improve your experience, in my estimation. Even if things seem pretty good now, I think you'll find a much deeper understanding and enjoyment of your time there if you can communicate in the local language. I really hope you take on this task, for your own sake! We're here to help.
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