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How to Type Japanese

Sorry. I felt that it was relevant to the topic of this thread.

I wasn't chastising you. If you have a YouTube channel with useful videos for Japanese learners you should feel free to create a thread introducing it. Of course you can post individual videos to related threads if you like.
I just finished installing Japanese typing ability into Windows 10. I thought I'd share the steps I went through.

(requires a download during one of the steps)
Search language >
scroll down to preferred languages >
click on add a language >
click on Japanese >
click next >
click install >
you will see Japanese pending. Wait for pending (download) to finish (maybe five minutes) >
but before the download finishes, you will see ENG on the far right part of the task bar >
click on ENG >
Click on Japanese Microsoft IME >
When the download and installation finishes (when the 'thermometer' is completely blue), the 'thermometer will disappear and you sill see Japanese, the
kanji "ji", and a capital A >

If you had your word processing software open while going through this procedure, you will probably need to close and then reopen your word processing software.
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Hi everyone,

I just installed Japanese-typing ability onto a Windows 10 machine and I had trouble with it. For those of you familiar with Windows, this required a re-configuring of the DNS settings (which may be waaay too technical for some of you.) I had already manually set my DNS addresses and this was the problem. I changed the settings so my computer could automatically determine its DNS server addresses. Once I did this, I was able to finish installing the Japanese-typing ability.

By the way, after allowing DNS server addresses to be found automatically, I switched it back to manual, and it still worked fine. What a strange bug!

Hope it helps.
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