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How to ask 'how' and 'why' in Japanese

Just realised I don't understand something. Where does 'donogurai'/'donokurai' fit into all this?
That's like "how long," as in ここから日本まで飛行機でどのくらいかかるんですか ("how long does it take to get from here to Japan by airplane?").

That's the only use I know for it.
Elizabeth said:
I asked about this difference a while back and the reply would have been in this case your student is slightly atama ga okashii.
Friend, not student. She's in her 40's or 50's, native Japanese speaker.
JimmySeal said:
I was talking to some friends a while ago. One had got a new game for her Nintendo DS that teaches English. I wanted to know why she had decided to start working on her English so I said "Nande Eigo wo benkyou shitemasuka" to which she replied "Kono ge-mu wo tsukatte." Feeling nonplussed, I asked "Doushite eigo wo benkyou shitemasuka" and got the same response, a little more insistent the second time. Finally I got around to using naze and the whole issue was resolved.
Your episode reminds me of my childhood.
My mother scolded me (not seriously as what I did was just a joke and she knew that), and said
and I said
She burst into laughter instead of scolding me further.
Of course, in this case I was fully aware what she meant by なんで - she asked for the reason (why), not how I did it.
I guess that's what you call a 恍けた冗談 (I've been using that phrase every chance I get since Mike Cash taught it to me).
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