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How old is every one here?

How old is every one here?

  • under 19

    Votes: 698 34.4%
  • 19-25

    Votes: 744 36.7%
  • 26-30

    Votes: 224 11.0%
  • 31-35

    Votes: 132 6.5%
  • 36-40

    Votes: 61 3.0%
  • 41 to 59

    Votes: 156 7.7%
  • 60 to 100

    Votes: 16 0.8%

  • Total voters
I don't know why I behave like a 23 years old person! The more weird thing is that I have believed that I'm in the same age!!

This is because I look at mirror very seldom (once every few months). When I was younger I was very similar to " Giuliano Gemma" (Italian actor); handsome with a harmonious body and shapely fawn hair (please girls here don't fall in love with me)


But the brush of the painter of time made me ugly gradually!
It drew some additional lines on my smoothy face, reduced my beautiful hair (made me bald) and deleted the majority of my teeth and left a few of them that now has made me similar to a lion with two fangs!

It also bend my stature and drew a cane in my right hand. The painter of time changed the color of my hair into white and drew a thick glasses with two thick lenses on my eyes, as well. The lenses that has enlarged my eyes like an owl!

Yes, sadly this is the story of all old men...

We have not been created for this world. This world is not our permanent house, we have to left this temporary place and travel to the everlasting world.

Nonetheless I dislike death! I don't want to die in the youth season (as I suppose I still am young)! I wish to live 100 years later (of course healthy). I hate to be a sick and ill old man. I don't like to go to "the home for the aged" or asylum. I prefer to die but don't go there to be infected with the corona virus that is deadly!

Growing old sucks , but most days , it's better than dying. I guess I should update my age , now at 71.oa2.jpgoa1.jpg


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Well, oldness and destruction are two certain rules of the world system. Time, place and things are changed but the system never is included the change. The fixed system govern over the universe. It affects everything but there is nothing to effect on the system. Whether or not we have to accord ourselves with rules that are based on a great goal and purpose. Nobody is able to swim contrary to this powerful flow. Human is not able to stop the time and the changes.
Of course a part of my first post here was for fun :)

I'm not as old as what I did describe but there was two facts in the comment

- This fact that I always suppose I'm a 23 years old young (I don''t follow this supposition knowingly but it is an automatically notion that has been fixed in my soul)
- My similarity to Giuliano Gemma in the youth
- looking at mirror seldom (paying attention to myself - of course it is good everybody look at mirror everyday to order his appearance in the eyes of people. When I want to get out from home I look at my clothes and shoes to be okay and also comb my hair with my fingers but don't use a comb )
I wonder if we can do a new pole and after a while add it to this thread? Trouble is we don't have a lot of members now who hang around for a long time. Maybe if we could only open it to members who have been active here for at least a year. Would be interesting but , I think impossible , LOL. I'll bet a 70 to 100 group would be pretty low now. Maybe I should change my user name to "grandfather" Frank instead of "uncle".
I have just realised that I took the poll some 18 years ago!! 😳

And as someone on the low end of the "41 to 59" range, let me just say for the record that I highly object to the way the poll options are organized.

Eighteen years later, I agree with you. With the anime/Jpop crowd gone, our demographics have changed a lot. Perhaps time to update and fine-tune those options for the more mature members, lol.
A famous old theosophical Iranian poet (Hafiz-750 years ago) says :

"Seat down beside a stream and look how the lifetime is passing"
"because this gesture (advise) of the world is enough for us"

Good to know, many people across the world (who are familiar remotely with Hafiz or the translation of his poem more or less) travel to Shiraz city (my city) of Iran to visit Hafiz's tomb.



The tourists seems to be Italian
Yea the under 19 percentage is probably less than 1% now. Even 19-25 would be down but would be people doing things like MEXT scholarships or the like.
I'm not an actor - the poster before me is.

Oh excuse me for the mistake

I simultaneously am working on Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages and also am working on modeling a few 3D objects in Rhinoceros, in addition to making some internal missions in a game and translating some Farsi to English texts relative to a translation institute as a test.

These have made me confused and astonished. So I supposed the quote was your comment and paid no attention that you answered another post.

Aside from the topic, let me tell a story about acting:

Years ago, when I was young, a moviemaker studio advertised that need an actor.

I referred there. When the director met me, he became happy and said, how tall young! You passed this stage in the first step successfully! Can you play a role?

I replied yes, sir, I can ( I don't think I could!). I supposed he would offer me a key role. I asked him, what role do you have for me? I expected he give me the role of a champion or so on, but...

He said: we need an actor to play the role of a lame beggar in the street for seconds! Can you imitate the behavior of such a character?!

I remained open mouth for seconds, and he repeated his question again. I became upset and replied with harsh tone, No sir, I don't know how beggars behave and never wish to know!

And without saying anything else, left the place disturbed.
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