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How did you find this website? (for all members)

How did you find this website ?

  • Google

    Votes: 414 68.4%
  • Yahoo

    Votes: 33 5.5%
  • Other Search Engine

    Votes: 19 3.1%
  • Link from other site

    Votes: 43 7.1%
  • Link from "Forum Japon"

    Votes: 11 1.8%
  • A friend told me about it

    Votes: 45 7.4%
  • Don't remember...

    Votes: 42 6.9%

  • Total voters
I was bored and did a search for Japan+forums....and it came up with this. And I'm glad it did! ^.^
That's cool! I love Japan too, and I was just searching for Japanese websites, and this came up, and hey...here we are now!!!! How cool!
i was at my moms house or the weekend and she was looking up japanese stuff for me and found this site. i think it's really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Million Years Ago....

while taking a Japanese class, I was looking for sites to help me. Found this place,left everything else behind, and moved in. Been living in the back left corner of the Forum server ever sence!! The nice people here throw me a snack every so often. If you could slide me a cracker into your floppy drive slot every so often i would be for ever grateful!! If you have a spare USB cable you could dip into a drink now & then it would help prevent me from becoming dehydrated!!******THANKS*******


I don't remember, actually...
I think I was searching for a Japanese penpal or something, and found this site to be pretty interesting in learning Japanese stuff, so I joined the forum also. ^^;
Once upon a time, my friend, Haivart, told me about it. I joined, but then it took me a couple of months to post, I believe. The rest is history.
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was reading the how to comics on henna-japan before they took them down and they had a link to japan-guide who had a link to jref.
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Yahoo! hee.. anymore good J-related forums in English but with lots of japanese people participating?
You Mean You Haven't Heard The Story About....

Hypertokyo5 said:
a million years ago frank? i didn't know the internet was around....or even u for that fact...

the origin of the Forum & even anime!! It all started a million years ago in a cave in Hakata, Japan on the island of Kyushu.At first we had to write on the walls in animal blood because ink hadn't been invented. I would start a thread and a year or two latter the next guy would find the cave and post under my post & so on & so forth.After several hundred years ink was developed and things got easier. Once colors came around so did the artists.At first
it was random pictures and finally a story of pictures which turned into todays anime. Once I got to be several thousand years old the trip to the cave got to difficult so I invented the computer & internet to make it easier. I
finnally got old enough to retire and sold the Forum to Thomas & Maciamo.


I was performing some internet research using Yahoo when I saw a question posted by Maciamo that I actually knew the answer to (surprise, surprise). I checked out this site, Maciamo invited me to join, and the rest is history! Although I don't really know that much about Japan, per se, I have found the community here to be a lot of fun, and it's great meeting people from all over the world. :)
As for me it was when i met some strange girl who pretended to be marie yaguchi
At this time i didn't knew the name even if i had already seen the picture somewhere...
my research finally drove me here ^^
I did a google search for "cheap travel in Japan" and I got a link to kuku83's post in the Practical Section entitled, "how to travel to japan in a cheap travel".
Off Subject For A Min. - Hey Brooker....

you're really heavy into this travel thing; enough to be a travel agent? Are you planning to travel to Japan, or just writing something on it? The ol guy is always nosey!!


Was searching for Japan information, I stumbled across jref.com and then I just checked into the forum! :)
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