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Dont smoke pot in Japan

Although alcohol is more dangerous then weed, cigarettes are not more dangerous. Think about it. You have to smoke weed, and smoke is smoke. I smoke, and when it's just tobacco I'm fine, if I smoke marijuana (which I still do) I'll cough my longs out. Furthermore, weed has a (potentially) strong mental effect, which tobacco doesn't have. Weed is not innocent in any way! As for medicinal functions: There are plenty of medical drugs out there which can even save peoples lives, but which are still quite dangerous, such as the drugs used in chemotherapy. Just because something has a medical use, doesn't make it safe.

When was the last time you saw someone dying of lung cancer from weed? Or having to get a hole drilled through their neck in order to breathe?

No, I think cigarettes are far more dangerous than weed. Of course, I mean in moderation, but even moderate use of cigarettes can have really bad effects later on in life. Just look at all the chemicals they put in cigarettes, aren't there something like 20 known poisonous chemicals in them? With weed, pshycological harm only comes with chronic use. My brother is one of the biggest stoners going and all that's happened is he's become a real douche, still my bro...but an idiot all the same. 😊

Plus, cigarettes are highly addictive, unlike weed. How many times have you seen people trying to quit cigarettes, using the patch, nicotine gum, pills and still end up unable to quit and in the hospital with lung cancer before their time? That's how my grandpa went. With weed you can just stop. I did, and I know people who have done the same, one day you decide it's not fun anymore and that's that, no harm done.
New Scientist magazine has recently reported that cannabis smoke has far more toxins than cigarette smoke - including ones that can cause cancer. A link to a BBC article.

Small quote:

'The Canadian government research found 20 times as much ammonia, a chemical linked to cancer, New Scientist said.

The Health Canada team also found five times as much hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxides, which are linked to heart and lung damage respectively.'
Tobacco from manufacturers has been enhanced and cleaned whereas cannabis is relatively unprocessed and therefore is a much dirtier product.

See, if weed was legal that wouldn't be a problem, it could be cleaned processed and made safe(er).

However, this is just compared to tobacco, not cigarettes, which are still legal but far more harmful.

I'll say again, when was the last time you saw a stoner dying of lung cancer from smoking weed recreationally? I'm not saying it's without it's side effects but weed is by far less dangerous than both alcohol and cigarettes (both of which are entirely legal).
Tax it to make money...maybe the USA could make health insurance affordable by legalizing marijuana but taxing it highly. I'm sure Japan could use the money too...
See, if weed was legal that wouldn't be a problem, it could be cleaned processed and made safe(er).

That wasn't the main point that came out of the research at all. But I do agree that cannabis would be a lot safer than it presently might be - hash imported in the UK has been found adulterated with everything from melted car tyres to petrol.

I'll say again, when was the last time you saw a stoner dying of lung cancer from smoking weed recreationally?

I'm certain there are people dying of cancer and emphysema related to previous cannabis use, but I don't tend to ask very sick people I see if they are dying, if it's lung cancer, and if it's pot related.

Do you???

Another BBC article, on the growing link between cannabis use and psychosis:

Cannabis-led psychosis 'growing'
Is this thread about not smoking pot in Japan or about smoking pot itself... which is in my opinion a different item.

Please create a new thread about drugs in the serious section if you want to discuss drugs by itself please.
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Follow the law and there will be no repercussions. If she hadn't done pot in the first place she wouldn't have a problem.
I don't agree in human rights for certain types of prisoner, such as murderers and rapists, but I agree that there should be certain level of human rights for druggies. If it isn't religious
problems, then she should be treated the same as all other prisoners of the same level.
But some prison keepers are a little too much. I bet not all prison keepers are like that, but meh, who knows.
Hemp has been used in Japan for a very long time. 麻 is the character. The hemp is used in religious ceremonies, they make ropes from hemp. You see holy ropes in shrines made of hemp.

Not sure if it was widely used as drug or medicine though.
Hemp is just one part of the cannabis family. It can't be smoked for a high. It is low in THC. You need the marijuana side of the hemp family; it contains the THC which gives you the high feeling. I wouldn't suggest breaking the law in a country where you are not a citizen, and for that matter in your own country as well. If it's illegal in Japan, I wouldn't risk it. Plus what if you did get caught, would you ever be allowed back in the country?
You cannot buy hemp rope in Norway and I think they are not as available in Europe as in Japan. In Japan you can buy it anywhere.

Hemp is also used in religous rituals in Japan unlike Europe.
Boy this got off topic:

I beleive it was taking about pot in Japan and not the actual practice itself...

Anyway, hemp/weed grows all over the place up in Hokkaido. They have even named 2 towns after it.

Go surfing or hiking ... you'll see what I mean!

As for the legality of it ... hmmm ... the cops monitor it and farm it when it grows out of hand. Other than that, you go out and people ask you if you want some.

NOW, I am NOT condoning illegal activity.

As for other harder stuff, you can get it just like guns if you look or ask in the right place.

I have noticed that the Yakuza control the market and it is my assumption that they have a social agreement with the police to maintain the levels such that they don't cause it to be noticed.
I just don't understand why you want to use hemp...it's not the same as marijuana. The cannabis that is grown for making ropes isn't the same that's used for getting high. I wonder which form of cannabis the hokkaido farmers are growing?
all that over a little weed? its not even really that bad, is it? i mean, is it even really a drug? it grows, from the ground. its not made like meth or anything. i mean ive never smoked it, but it cant be that bad if its legal in countries that arent in complete shambles.
You won't definitely go to prison though. I know people that have been busted (gaijin & Japanese a like) and many get off on probation.

Seriously though, you guys that think grass is more harmful to your body than tobacco or alcohol... you are sorely misinformed. For marijuana smoke to be more harmful than tobacco, it would need several times more carcinogens as tobacco smokers smoke many times more cigarettes than joints per day.
Just because it is organic does not mean that it is not dangerous. Opium is dangerous and so is magic mushrooms. Cannabis is the plant and the plant creates a chemical which is called forgot the name and that is what makes people high. From the plant Cannabis you can make fibres. Ropes, clothes, paper etc. Japan has been using the cannabis plant to make various things for centuries and in religious ceremonies.

I have been to Amsterdam and and to tell you the truh I have not been to a place where I have seen so much drugs. Both soft drugs and hard drugs. Everyone says. Leaglize marihuana because it will make people stop using hard drugs but you got to Holland and you still see lots of people using hard drugs.

As for the dangers of the drug. Marihuana is not harmless. If the society already has an alcohol problem then why should the society leaglize yet a drug? Do you think by leagalizing marihuana there will be less alcoholism in society? Thats one way to look at it from.
Has nobody here ever smoked weed? When you smoke it, it is usually a rolly (Roll up). You put it in alongside tobacco. Therefore you get the cigarette as well as weed.

All these drugs are bad, but some (like weed) is ok as long as you don't have too much.
However, I quit weed last year. (Yes, I was a bit young to smoke it, but I'm a teenager, and we get into this stuff by accident)
Smoked it first at 16, I said ok, nice, nothing happened, where's my booze? That didn't change a bit.
Don't feel like "getting high". Alcohol is more than enough for me, just a couple of drinks, breaking a few chairs or whatever, throwing up, having a nice sleep and done.
Honestly I've seen people get high from weed, but it didn't do a thing to me. I only felt the fast heartbeat, a little uneasiness but thats all.
When you smoke it, it is usually a rolly (Roll up). You put it in alongside tobacco. Therefore you get the cigarette as well as weed.

Not if you:
-Are American
-Smoke in a pipe/bomb/hooka (sp?)

Seriously guys. Tobacco is a much bigger problem across the globe...especially in Japan.

but it didn't do a thing to me.

Most people don't get high their first time. Takes 3 or 4.
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