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Difference between PIKAPIKA✨KIRAKIRA⭐️Japanese Onomatopoeias 2


13 Nov 2021
ピカピカPIKA PIKA andキラキラKIRA KIRA are both Japanese onomatopoeias that describe ″shining″, "glittering″ and "sparkling″.

So, do you wonder WHAT the DIFFERENCE between ピカピカ andキラキラ?

″キラキラした″ or "キラキラの″ (kirakira) is used when a lot of small twinkling lights are together or when something sparkles, as we already covered in our first onomatopoeia video (ONOMATOPOEIAS 1)On the other hand, ″ピカピカした″/″ ピカピカの " describes rather a flat or bigger surface than ″キラキラの″ light.

Also, pikapika shines stronger than kirakira.
In this video we'll learn in detail about this and some more differences, so don't miss it!

Oh😱I made a mistake writing GITAIGO 擬熊語😱😰The right kanji is 擬態語. Excuse me for my mistake

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