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News Yokosuka to use chatGPT for administrative purposes


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14 Mar 2002
The city of Yokosuka, home to a major U.S. naval base, will be the first municipality in the country to use ChatGPT in its municipal offices.

Roughly 4,000 employees at Yokosuka's municipal government office began using the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, which was created by OpenAI late last year, for a one-month trial in efforts to improve operations. […] In Yokosuka, Samukawa said a team was gathered to think of ways ChatGPT could be beneficial to the city. Through the trial period, the city's hope is to use the tool to assist in tasks like summarization, copy ideation for marketing and communications, drafting the basis for administrative documents and perfecting easy-to-understand language.

Yokosuka City took things one step further and began streaming videos of regular press conferences in which a realistic AI avatar of Mayor Katsuaki Kamiji speaks fluent English on its official YouTube channel.

This marks Japan's inaugural endeavour to employ generative AI to translate a mayor's speech into English while preserving their vocal nuances. The aim is to reach approximately 7,000 foreign locals and around 20,000 U.S. military personnel at the Yokosuka base. "Our goal is to foster an inclusive community," stated Kamiji. The Yokosuka City Government utilizes the conversational AI tool ChatGPT to draft summaries and translations of the mayor's press briefings. These drafts are subsequently reviewed by the city's English-native international relations coordinators.

While I'm all for using AI in many things I sure hope they have a fact-checker who speaks both English and Japanese listening to the speech before it's released out in the open. AI is great for many things but it is notorious when it comes to taking liberties with content when it doesn't exactly know what to say or do.

I don't have any experience with generative AI when it comes to translations but I've had it outright lie to me when used in my dev work (because it couldn't find any examples of what I was struggling with, it suggested I download 'package x.y.z' which contained what I needed. Those packages did, in fact, not exist at all and it just made them up on the spot! Argh!).
I notice many of the AI pictures have flawed details if you look for them. Facebook's AI program is horrible and their new appeal process doesn't seem to work if you get dinged by the AI. I picture in a few more years , most of the world will use it and believe it's 100% right.
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