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Waiting for the mega quake: a look at Tokyo's rescue squads

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14 Mar 2002
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Lest we forget.

Earthquakes are a fact of life in Japan, with around 1,500 yearly. In spring 2022, the Tokyo metropolitan government commissioned a study to remind its residents of the many dangers that accompany these larger quakes. It found a 70 per cent chance a magnitude-7.3 earthquake would strike greater Tokyo before 2050. The report predicted that if the city felt the full brunt, 6,148 people would die due to collapsing buildings and fires breaking out. Around 81,000 buildings would be destroyed, and 4.53 million people would be left stranded, unable to return home. Evacuation centres would be overwhelmed.

A look at Tokyo's Fire Rescue Task Forces.

Naoshi Hirata, an emeritus professor of seismology at the University of Tokyo, helped write the report with the Tokyo metropolitan government's panel of experts on disaster prevention. He says Tokyo's residents are familiar with earthquakes, but many do not truly comprehend what a big earthquake would be like. [...] The latest report noted that the number of families living in super high-rise apartments had boomed by 33 per cent since the last report, released 10 years prior. However, these buildings were specifically designed to withstand large earthquakes and prevent the spread of fires, leading to a sharp reduction of the death toll and property destruction by 30 to 40 per cent. The main concern is the many older buildings that were built before strict earthquake regulations came into place in 1981. Narrow laneways and densely packed wooden structures susceptible to collapse and fire are dotted around Tokyo. "Those houses are weak. So that's very much a serious problem," Professor Hirata says.

This is a Tokyo earthquake risk assessment from 2018:

18 Jan 2005
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It is rescue team SRT special the Metropolitan Police Department for great disaster.

There is the best corps specialized in the rescue operation in the disaster spot in the Metropolitan Police Department protecting the peace and order of Tokyo.
For the large-scale disasters such as capital earthquakes directly above the focus said to that it took place, I collected data on the military unit which I continued training in future.

The disaster relief training that is "rial" at the dismantling planned former Kochi police station
It is Kochi station former Government building of the dismantling plan to have in front of Kochi police station that training was carried out.
The training was performed by the setting that a building collapsed by the outbreak of the Nankai Trough earthquake, and a person was shut in inside,
and staff member of a police station of the Kochi station and about 150 people including the firefighting participated.

It is daring and destroys a wall and a shutter. The rescue training of the person who furniture fell down as for this,
and did not get a motion. I make full use of the help tool set for the disaster that a bar or a scoop entered and try rescue from under furniture.

It is a state of the accident help training in the Keihan building dismantling spot performed in a delta zone of the Hirakatashi Station side.
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