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News Sober-curious and non-alcoholic bars trending in Japan

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14 Mar 2002
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I predict that in a few decades, humankind will no longer consume alcohol. So enjoy your sake and beer as long as you can. :)

Young people in Japan are setting the trend by increasingly frequenting non-alcohol bars. With more than 90% of young Japanese rarely or not at all drinking, non- or low-alcohol beer and liquor is where the growth is.

"I'm not worried about my health, but I'd rather spend the money on nice meals," said student Manaka Yoshii. Non-alcoholic bars are starting to take off in Japan, popular especially among younger Japanese. And that's giving the national government a hangover. The so-called "sober-curious" movement has stunned officials in Japan, where much of life revolves around drinking, peaking during occasions like cherry-blossom viewing. Office drinking parties have long been considered essential to company team-building. The most recent survey, from 2016, found Tokyo alone was packed with nearly 30,000 bars and pubs.

I quit drinking in 1973. My parents were both alcoholics with my mom finally drinking herself to death. I've always felt with a house full of guns & ammo , I should stay away from anything that impairs judgement. With pot becoming legal in many areas of the US , I wonder if it will someday replace booze.
I predict it will come back in favor. Probably at some point we'll need it to ensure our water supplies are safe just like the old days when everybody drank beer or wine instead of water.
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