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Rewriting History Again "Japan to Revise Books on WWII Suicides"

Finally, it was judged that this was Asahi, Ohe kenzaburo、okinawan times and okinawa shinpo's fabrication in Aug.2014
it proved to be unfounded .

they used Akamatsu's goodwill . ordinal ppla are not soldiers. akamatsu thought they also need compensation as a good will . a 15 years old boy as a Messenger at that time told a truth
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Japan nationalists slam Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' as racist
There is plenty of documentation on the abuse and tortures inflicted upon POWs," she said. "There is also plenty of eyewitness and forensic evidence of Japanese cannibalism of prisoners as well of fellow soldiers."

Read more: Japan nationalists slam Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' as racist

it seems they want to make another faked story as a fact..
then if a Japanese denies it , he would be labeled as a nationalist or right winger.
it seems they want to make another faked story as a fact..
then if a Japanese denies it , he would be labeled as a nationalist or right winger.

And YOU are not a right wing nationalists are you. (cough)

Many American soldiers sent Japanese ears and even a few sent skulls to America. The usual suspects say it never happened, and your average American would just flat out doubt it.

People are pretty damned pathetic really, but none as pathetic as those in such deep denial that they run their mouth attesting to the fact. Most people doubt documented fact in silence if they find it inconvenient to their tiny brains and narrow world (nation) view. But at least they the sense to be silent.
I do

Sorry this was brand new article from the japan times that i thought applied to a bunch of discussion s on here. So i shared it. Is this frowned upon?

Just linking to or posting the content of an article without giving your own opinions regarding it? Yes..

What you have a habit of doing is posting/linking things you find which could be controversial or inflammatory without adding anything meaningful of your own (or nothing whatsoever), apparently just to stir up sh!t among the active members for your own amusement....sort of like throwing a hunk of meat into a pack of dogs so you can entertain yourself by watching them fight over it. If you're not in fact a troll, then the difference is so negligible as to be indistinguishable by appearances.

We welcome your active participation in discussions and your serious opinions regarding topics. Links to articles and vapid quips, such as we are used to seeing from you, really don't contribute to anything and merely serve to call into question your motives.

Again, we're a discussion forum, not a news article collator.
This is an recent article i found in the japan times i wanted to share with everyone. I think it sorta important especially with the awaited official japanese wartime statement? Apology? due sometime betweennow and sept. Does anyone see any way Japan can make such, favorable to japan and the history as they want it told and recpgnized...without antagonizing or alienating themselves further from their allies, trade partners, and customers?
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