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News Philippines comfort women demand justice


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14 Mar 2002
Previous Philippine governments had a different approach to the issue of comfort women than South Korea. They were accused of neglecting the cause of Filipinas forced to work in war brothels. Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr urged to make a difference after a landmark UN decision. An interesting piece by Aljazeera:

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) has found that the Philippine government violated the rights of victims of sexual violence by Japanese soldiers during World War II by failing to fight for their cause. In March 2022, CEDAW recommended that the Philippine government provide the victims with full reparation, including recognition and redress, an official apology, and material and moral damages, for the continuous discrimination they suffered. The victims also want action from Japan. An estimated 200,000 women and young girls in the region were subjected to sexual slavery – euphemistically known as the comfort system – the tribunal found.

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