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4 Mar 2016
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I bet you didn't know I'm a poet, during these years, yet I am!

But I don't offer my occasional poems anywhere, I write the poems just for myself, but here is the place that I am sending one of my poems :)

Get not angry at me because your anger set my soul in fir
The wounds of the arrows of that moon-like face still have remained in my soul
you are holding a sword in your hand, tell me what your intention is
There are a lot of injures in my soul because of that beautiful face
I glanced at your moon-like face for a moment
the flames of love to that clear face raised in my soul
I wonder why the pure wine doesn't cure me
because separation from you shoots the arrows at my soul like Arash
Why you have burned the simple spirit because of your manner
What was my guilt that I have to carry this great sadness on my soul

Arash or Archer Arash had been an epic Iranian hero in the old stories. It was told he specified the North border of Iran by shooting an arrow that flied a day and a half in the air and eventually landed on a remote ground that specified the border of Iran. The astonished ancient enemies had to accept the wide border.

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