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My kitty in contest!!

It is the last day of September and Elida has 54% and Mingus 33%!!!

She is now MISS SEPTEMBER 2004!!! And Elida will get a black collar as a prize!

In December, she will compete against "miss October" and "miss November" for the sheba cat food!!
First prize is a photographer, who will take photos of the winner for postcards, and SHEBA cat food (and maybe the winner will be used for marketing.)
Second and Third prizes are: SHEBA cat food.

Hence, Elida will get "something" in December no matter if she gets first, second, or third place!! 😌

Elida and I thank all who have voted for her, and Elida's thank-you speech and kisses to those who have supported her will come here in this thread very soon!

🙏 🙏


*offers champagne to everyone* *Elida drinks water and cat milk and invites other cats to join* :romance: 🕺 :cracker:

(while Elida is preparing her thank-you speech)
I am very happy to become MISS SEPTEMBER 2004!
I promise to be a nice cat from now on, behaving according to my owner's wishes, as her nice friends from JRef supported me in the very harsh contest for the title of Miss September 2004 especially as Mingus was a tough contestant because he was just a cute kitten, as TwistedMac expressed.

I received 54% of the votes, and Mingus received only 33%.
This means that I am one of the top three candidates for the final competition in December 2004.

The whole of September was a stressful month for me, as I really believed that I could, at best, only receive a third place. However, all that changed because of you!
I came from 4th to 2nd place very quickly, struggling hard for first place against Mingus.
I have slept calmly in my snoozes from the second half of September, as I knew I had supporters, which is all that matters to me 窶 even though if I only got second place. But then I came first place - to my great surprise!!!

I still have a great appetite for food (but must take care of my weight now that I am a pin-up cat), and now I will rest until the big competition for Sheba cat food in December when I will compete against miss October and miss November for the grand title of Miss Sheba-Cat World 2004.

I will give you all kisses if you haven't received them already. THANK YOU. To those who have supported and posted your support on my owner窶冱 thread:

Satori *kisses* for your patient support throughout the hard times when I was third and fourth place; you have proven to be a good cheerleader窶ヲ
TwistedMac *kisses* for your support and cheer and light mood.
Uncle Frank *kisses* As a cat owner, you have proven your love for cats incredibly to me, and thanks for your funny words along the way 窶 your support makes me wish I ran for president.
Lina *kisses* As a cat lover, you also will receive special thanks for your great cheer and for making me look better in the dark photo of me by the window.
Kirei *kisses* your big cat must not become jealous! Your cat is also cute! You have proven to be a nice supporter and a great member of the cheergroup!
Jovial Jon *kisses* thank you for your support of me窶ヲI really appreciate your vote.
King of Tokyo *kisses* miaouw and thanks a lot for your strong support!
Rocklee *kisses* hello Rocklee. You will get a big cat. Kiss for your vote, as promised!
Wyte Anjal *kisses* thanks a lot for your great support and cheer!
Winter *kisses* thanks for voting窶ヲI have scratched your back, and you have scratched mine when I needed it..(from your vote on the anime you wanted to see)
Duo *kisses* Many thanks for your grand support!
Dreamer *kisses* hurray for voting for me窶ヲI like your avatar!
Thereisnospoon *kisses* Many thank you窶冱 to you for visiting my thread and voting for me.
Haleon *kisses* I am deeply thankyou for voting for me in the contest.
Sabian *kisses* Miaou!! Your support has made me smile.
Sokouou *kisses* Great that you have voted for me, and I am very happy you did.
Firsthousepooka *kisses* I feel like a pretty cat, having earned your support!
Dream Time *kisses* Many thanks for your support and cheer.
Point4m *kisses* say hello to your kitties for me. Thank you for your support, and I hope your cats have cheered for me, too.
Playaa *kisses* I will kiss you on the forehead for being supportive of me.
Legato *kisses* say hello to your handsome cat for me. Thank you for your vote.
Vodkee *kisses* Thank you very much for your time and support!
Lacan *kisses* Merci for voting!

🙏 🙏 I love you all, and peace to the world and CAT POWER and FORUM POWER! 👍
Yay :cracker:
It has been decided, Elida becomes Miss Elida, Congratulations.
Now we must all look forward to the last stretch at the end of the year.
"Since you have reached stardom, I also provide services as a bodyguard??" says Grizou...

I KNEW you would do it!!!!! Congrats Elida and take your place among the best. Just a tip though, don't let this win go to your head, there are far to many wonderful cats that have that "I'm all that" attitude. You will go far my dear!
As you all may know, my Elida is MISS September and I hope you have read her thank-you speech...

Anyway, I just thought that I might show you how her contestants for the title of MISS October look like, so here is the link:
Miss October sheba contest

I like the face of Nala (the white one) , but Baloo is cutest, because it is a kitten...The cat on the far right, Honey, is beautiful though.
Tyson and Lupton both look funny and should be awarded for "goofy-ness".
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