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Movie title question


14 Aug 2007
Hi guys, there is a movie I have watched long time ago that I would like to identify. It was a movie I have enjoyed a lot at that time, so it would be great if somebody could identify it for me. I have tried looking for it, but failed :(.

There are few things I remember about that movie:
- it's about a group of friends enjoying an evening together at an apartment that belongs to one of them
- the group includes both girls and guys, in late teen-early twenties I would say
- most of the movie is placed in that apartment
- at one point one of the guys goes out for to grab beer, or drinks in general, and I think is driving a bicycle. At one point he gets hit by a car, but nothing happens, he just gets up and walks find. The bicycle is I think destroyed though.
- at the end of the movie, if I'm not confusing the events with a different movie, they move to a beach and enjoy a sunrise together

It would be really great if somebody can help me find this movie.

Thanks a lot!
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