1. G

    Question about omitting subject/object

    I have a question about when you can and cannot exclude the subject/object from a sentence. How do you use particles to indicate what the purpose of the sentence is? I've written this sentence: 父は殺そうした And I want it to mean: "My father tried to kill her". But I'm not sure if it means what I...
  2. zxuiji

    Checking my understanding of やる、する、は&が

    It was bugging me what the differences between them where and since I have yet to reach any descriptions on them in genki I went and googled it and clicked on the TK links below: Difference between 【する】 and 【やる】 | Tae Kim's Blog The difference between 「は」 and 「が」 | Tae Kim's Blog Having read...
  3. Andrew Mize

    Japanese language question

    What does りゅうぐうじょう mean? The sentence is 貝がらやさんご、しんじゅが、キラキラひかる りゅうぐうじょう に ついたのです。
  4. Andrew Mize


    I was reading this childrens book and I found the clause たすけて くださった. The character who said it was obviously acknowledging that the listener helped them, but I am confused with exactly how this would be translated into English.
  5. M

    Where could I purchase a bidoro?

    I've seen them called poppens, vidros, bidoros, and pekopens. This is the thing I'm talking about: The same item used by this geisha in this painting: You blow into them and they make a...
  6. I

    Bicycle Registration on Tourist Visa

    Hello all, Like the title stated, I wondering if its possible to register a new bicycle bought online with the police on a 90 day tourist visa. I am aware that you need the recipe of purchase, ID and the actual bike itself to register. However the only form of ID I have is my passport. I do...
  7. xTIDx

    What is good book for learning Japanese? (Language)

    So I've been using Genki and learning a few individual grammar words but Genki seems more suited to class studys than self study, Is there a good book for self learning Japanese language? I've tried looking reviews but they all seem ether biased or it's just the websites trying to sell their own.
  8. xTIDx

    Learning kanji?

    I want to start learning kanji but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about it. Any tips? Also Should I learn the joyo or just learn ones on the JPLT lists?.
  9. R

    Different uses for koibito

    The word I am asking about is koibito (恋人). From my understanding, it means lover. I want to ask, do you use it only for romantic reasons or would there be other situations where using 恋人 would be appropriate? Would it be possible to use it correctly in situations that aren't romantic? Thank...
  10. xTIDx

    I am bored?

    Would I am bored (Both writen and spoken) be わたしつまらないです or would that be I am boring?
  11. H

    Can a Boy Be Named Tsubaki?

    I was wondering, since (as far as I know) Tsubaki is generally a feminine first name in Japan, would it be weird or embarrassing for a guy to be named Tsubaki? How lenient or non-lenient is Japan on the connection between gender and names? Thanks!