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Question about the ending of SLAM DUNK


14 Nov 2006
Hi, I've never read the whole manga because it came out here very slowly while the Manga was finished in Asia long long time ago. From my girlfriend I know that the character and real basketball genius Rukawa became Japan's best player and might go to the USA at college.
Sakuragi however was injured and could not play for the near future. Then Haruko visited him in the hospital.
My Question is: Did Haruko finally developed strong feelings for Sakuragi at last? I mean, Although Haruko was admiring and cheering so much for Rukawa, it was obvious that Sakuragi was the right person to become Haruko's boyfriend since they could get along much better than the lonely and calm Rukawa.
My girlfriend also told me that the artist of Slam Dunk died in a car accident many years ago, making the series coming to an end forever :(
It is Manga after 10 day from a last story of "SLAM DUNK"

The Manga which was written on a blackboard at the time of "SLAM DUNK finals" event.
After this, a sequel of Manga is not written.
An author is not dead.
Inoue Takehiko
A current work.



What? He's still alive? Wow that's some good news.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the reply and the artworks =)
I just hope the author would have released an sequel, about what the Shohoku players have become after they disbanded because Akagi, Mitsui and Kogure leaving the school while Rukawa goes to the USA for his career. Sakuragi might still play again because he loves the way Haruko cheers for him. :)
But maybe he felt like that a sequel could only harm the Manga, since it the original is hard to be topped.
Um.. I have the whole serie at home, but Rukawa didn't go to the USA or anything. He got selected for the Japanese national team.. Or at least he's wearing the jersey. And Sakuragi? Haruko? Feelings!? He is hospitalized but Haruko doesn't visit him in the manga books.. Actually the ending of Slam Dunk is very disappointing methinks. 😌
Yeah the ending of Slam Dunk was very disappointing indeed (like Neon Genesis Evangelion).
Somehow there have been several Mangas/Animes which had a good start but a very dull ending.

Rukawa was named to the national team of Japan. As much as I remember, my girlfriend who read all books, said that Rukawa had the consideration to go to the USA, but either Coach Anzai or Captain Akagi told him not to do it or at least not so soon I guess.
Haruko actually likes Hanamichi very much, she just didn't recognize it. Although she is admiring Rukawa a lot she also cares a lot when Sakuragi is in trouble (actually much more than regular friends do). But the author somehow even let this issue open, making the audience to think what could have happened after the last episode.
What yoy girlfriend said was that The Real Sakuragi Hanamichi died in a car accident, i am not sure if he is the one that inspired The Author/Artist
And Rukawa was a Replacement for Sakuragi..
Lul am replying to some blog that is 13 years old..
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