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14 Mar 2002
"Japan Center for Weak Men" (日本弱者男性センター), a nonprofit in Japan, organised a "men-only" train passenger car on the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line) last Saturday to address purported discrimination against men.

Established in July 2022, the Japan Weak Men's Center aims to support men in vulnerable situations, ranging from homelessness to unemployment and assistance for those falsely accused of crimes like domestic violence or molestation. A part of its ongoing advocacy is the permanent establishment of men-only train cars by significant railway companies, emphasising the absence of designated spaces for men in contrast to women-only train cars. Women-only cars were introduced in Japan in the early 2000s to combat lewd conduct, mainly groping, in trains.


About the objective: According to the Weak Men's Center, men can also be victims of sexual crimes and false accusations. Arguing that such charges significantly impact their personal and professional lives, the group stresses the importance of preventing such incidents. It further highlighted the lack of clear responses from major railway companies despite their attempts to engage in dialogue.
Inclusive initiative: Women who support the cause, individuals with disabilities, their caregivers and girls below elementary school age can also board the men-only train car, a representative revealed. This inclusivity aligns with the Center's broader mission of challenging societal biases and promoting genuine gender equality.

When men get victimized on trains it's probably usually by other men.

Not according to this video. No, wait. You're right. ;)

A video discussing false molestation accusations ("chikan enzai") has been resonating on social media, coinciding with the introduction of a men-only carriage. Last year in Japan, there were 2,233 cases of molestation arrests, with nearly half occurring on trains. The video, a 1-minute and 31-second clip, begins with a typical scene inside a train. It was produced by "conecofilm," a collective of experienced film and drama creators. Kazuhiro Minosan of conecofilm commented, "We've taken the stereotypes people have about the scenes of false molestation accusations. It's easy to imagine and frightening." The realistic acting and situation depicted in the video have fueled discussions online, notching up 6.9 million views in 2 months since its release.
I don't have any problem riding the normal co-ed cars however I have never been falsely accused, or justly accused, of groping someone.

If I had been falsely accused I may just opt to hop on that men only car when its available. Especially when the train is packed. It seems like a lot of drama and headaches to deal with otherwise and with so many "opportunistic" people and far too sensitive people around these days it would be a way to ensure your vacation doesn't get ruined.
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