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Master's (Research) degree in Music - General Inquiry and asking for University recommendations

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29 Aug 2020
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Hi, I just had a few questions regarding music degrees in Japan. So if anyone has any answers to any of these questions, I would be most grateful for your answers!
First of all, I would love to hear from anyone who has personally completed any sort of music degree in Japan, as I wonder about things such as practice room access, hours, expectations, among many other things.
But second, I was wondering if anyone had any insight into what arts universities - I'm under the impression that they're the only kind of university that offer music degrees - would be best to look at, and the pros and cons for each. I am currently learning Japanese, this year trying to complete the N3 on the JLPT, followed by completing the N2 test next year. I'm hoping to start my master's degree in 2022.
I've struggled finding a lot of resources aside from the university websites themselves, and can't find any things like YouTube videos or blog posts about people's experiences, so if that is something that you know of exisiting somewhere, any links would be amazing. Essentially, if you can direct me to someone who can answer some of these questions, that would be great!

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