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Looking for my old friend Shoichi Moriyama


17 Jun 2021
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Hi Everyone,

I'm Dealova. I'm new here.

I'm looking for my old friend. We work together at ALPS Malaysia for the year 1993-1995. We close like brother-sister.

His name is Shoichi Moriyama. If I not mistaken, he is of age 54 now. I don't have pictures of him.
As I know, he comes from Uonuma Kanegasawa, Niigata-ken, Japan.

I was trying to find him through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn... but I can't find him.
I got some people who have the same name, but the account not active.

Can anyone help me to find him? Please.. pleaseeeeee...... send me a private message if you can help.

Thank You & Stay safe all ;-)


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