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Looking for my father in Japan


10 Aug 2021
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Hello I'm Anna Ito (伊藤杏奈) that is my Kanji name I'm 32 years old my birthday is Jan. 31 1989 and I was born in Nagoya Japan. I'm looking for my father Ito Kenji previously resided in 22 Sakai oharu cho aichi Japan. He is 59 years old now his birthday is Jan. 6, 1962 My mother's name is Amalia Jocelyn "Amy" Alindogan They were married after I was born here in the Philippines then got divorced I don't really know him I grew up just knowing about his name I don't even know what he looks like because my mom lost the 1 and only pic that she had of him. I know that he has a friend who work in the same company named Suzuki Masayuki has a wife name Erlinda "Len Len" Cifra and a son Suzuki Masahiko they also lived in the same area. My grandparents are from Akita-Ken my grandmother's name is Ito Ito don't know the Kanji name for her first name and my grandfather's name is Ito Akinori. My father has 1 Brother and 1 sister. I think his brother is living in Tokyo but my mom can't remember his name.

Can anyone please help me find anyone on the names that I mentioned so that I can communicate with them.
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