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Seeking Looking for my cousin ❤️


19 Jun 2020
Hello everyone. I was wondering if I could get help finding my cousin . His name is yuji with his father's surname BURNS.his father's name Phillip Michael . His mother's name is Kasumi. They met in northern Ireland in 1987ish . My uncle died in japan in 1991 and we had contact with Kasumi and yuji up until 10 years ago. My grandparents moved and lost a lot of paper work . I'd like to let them know that sadly his grandmother passed away and that his grandfather is not very well and we would like to ( if they want us too of course ) reach out to them . The last known area they lived in was omiya Saitima . Yuji may have used his mother surname after his father died so I'm finding it hard to find him on a social media platform. He was born July 1988 . Any help would be wonderful. Thank you so much
I'm in the process of getting that info from my mother . I typed out the message then realised I'd probably need that 🤣
I'm really desperate to find them. My grandfather is dying and he's requesting you send a letter to yuji. It's really breaking my heart
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