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Looking for Mioko Doi

Vijay Das

19 Nov 2023
I am a retired doctor living in Manchester, England. I was born in India. In 1960 I met a Japanese schoolteacher who started my pen friendship with a Japanese schoolgirl by the name of Mioko Doi who lived in Hiroshima. We wrote to each other for about ten years on a regular basis. Both of us enjoyed writing to each other and I learned a lot about Japanese culture and life.. Unfortunately then slowly we lost contact. Mioko was about my age. I am 78 years old.

I remember a few details about her family. She has a brother who also became a penfriend of my girlfriend who has been my wife for the last 54 years. Their father as far as I remember was a doctor in Hiroshima.

I will be overjoyed if someone helps me to find them. If successful we will travel to Japan to meet up with them or wherever they may be in the world.
It is difficult because both Doi and Mioko are very common names in Japan. I am guessing that you do not know the kanji spelling of her given name (Mioko)? I assume Doi is 土井, although other spellings are possible, although the chances of her still having that surname are quite low, as you can imagine.

There are two local clinics in Hiroshima associated with the name Doi.
Doi Clinic , and Doi Neurological Clinic.

Doi Clinic is run by two guys whose surname isn't Doi, so this looks like a dead end.

Doi Neurological Clinic is run by a doctor named Dr. Doi Hitoka. His partner is Dr. Doi Hikaru. Maybe a father/son team?

Sorry, it isn't much to go on.
Just to be clear, these are the first two results that popped up in a search. There may be more clinics with the Doi name, and there are certainly more doctors in Hiroshima with this name. I just went for the first two things that popped up.
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