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Looking for friends Tomomi Ando and Takamasa Ando

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13 Aug 2021
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Hello all,

Back in the late 90s my Dad lived in Japan and each summer during the school holidays I would visit for 4 weeks (I'm from England). On 1 trip either the summer of 96 or 97, my Dad arranged for me to stay with friends of his as they had kids my age. I was 16-17 at the time. I hung out with Tomomi and her brother Takamasa. They lived in Nagoya and the family took me up to Gifu to stay in a hotel where we had dinner on a boat that cruised the river. They also took me to watch the Nagoya Dragons which was awesome.

Long lost memories, but I'd love to say hello if I could find them + thank them for their hospitality.

May not have spelt Takamasa correctly, his name was pronounced ta-kom-meh-sa, could be its Takumasa.

Tomomi would be around 40-41, Takamasa was several years younger, maybe 37-39.

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