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lol dudes this is an awesome video and this guy forgets the steps look at the far right guy at 49 seconds of the video.
omg XD that was pretty bad hahaha the guy on the right in the end almost falls on the chick and the chick almost falls XD
I used to listen to the band when I was 15 way back in the day. X3 I *just* found a burned cd and popped it into the computer and was like "Awwww Memories~!"

They were the first Japanese band I was introduced too. Hence, I like them very much.
gah I feel railroaded, 'cuz I am going back into the j-music scene and I have to follow up on all my fave bands. At least they're all still pretty~

I really liked their Neo Univers vid. Hey, any suggestions? Cuz I'd like to update my music library. XD
i love these new songs- Nexus 4, Shine, Pretty Girl, Sunadoki, spirl, The Black Rose, Yuki No Ashiato, Honey 2007, Dune 2008 and I Wish 2007
Previewing songs is like teasing a significant other. Good stuff, but always just a wee bit out of reach. And turning off at the best part. lol
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