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Who is your favorite member of L'Arc-en-Ciel?

  • Hyde -(vocal)

    Votes: 151 74.0%
  • Tetsu -(Bass)

    Votes: 25 12.3%
  • Ken -(Guitar)

    Votes: 12 5.9%
  • Yukihiro -(Drums)

    Votes: 17 8.3%

  • Total voters
that's easy! Hyde.
not for shallow reasons tho' (wow, a rare thing for me) i fell in love with his voice the second i heard it. not that he's not gorgeous... he is. and then some...
wah! Hyde!
I'd say Yukihiro, because he's doing great things as a producer. Just listen to Get out from the Shell, which he composed and produced. It was certainly one of the most outstanding Laraku songs in quite some time.

He recently released some solo-work under the name Acid Android. Didn't hear anything yet, but it's bound to be good.
Good question.
As for musical quality, they are all extremely skilled artists...say Tetsu cause he's my favorite bass player. ^^;
And I prefer girls for the...other category *g*
i am going to say the guitarist. i've never seen what the band look like, but i like the way the guitars are played in their songs
Although I like all of them, I'd have to go with Tetsu since he seems like the driving force of the band (after reading some history on the band)... no disrespect to the others, though.

I just wish they'd get back together and get in the studio already!

You're right, it wa Tetsu that put the band together, and named the band after a movie he watched. Tetsu and Hyde are the only original members, the others came later.
Tetsu69's new album is good. I like track 5 and bonus track 69 best. Hyde's album is more mellow since he married Megumi.
Hyde is still my favorite though, Tetsu my 2nd best.

L'arc-en-Ciel are getting back together, but only for one last concert, (well 7 actually) "7 days in Shibuya" this Summer. More info on their website.
I really wanna go see them!:D


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Tetsu is also great (bass rocks, as an instrument even better than guitar-guitar, imho)
you mentioned Hyde's solo album and i was wondering if anyone can shed some light on this:
Hyde's solo outings from 2001 through 2002 featured a lot of acoustic/unplugged sound. This time around, he seems to be returning to his roots. The maxi single features hard edged rock sound that fires up his emotive vocals.
^...description of the new Hyde single, "Hello", as per CDJapan : Japanese Anime, Jpop, Japanese music, Game music, Japanese movie, CD, DVD
yippeeee! Hyde is in the lead! But I would have thought more people would have voted by now! Oh well.
Yo Sakura san, when do you think that movie will be out in japan? You know Moonchild? Let my mate see a pic of Hyde and Gaket. She agrees that Hyde is by far the cutest!
Even though Hyde is cute I still love O.B 😍

Sorry Sakura!🙇‍♂️
Hi Kiwi,
Welcome to the forum. 🙂

Moon-Child will be out in Japan on the 19th of april.
Check out the official website. It's got some great pictures of the cast.
Thanks! I really wanna see that movie, Sakura told me about it and I've been looking up websites about it too. I'd love to go see it at the cinema.
It's a bit too expensive to go see it though.
Hey I know things in Japan ain't cheap but that would work out more than a thousand pounds to get there and see the movie.
Thanks for the web address!
I'm gonna look out for L'Arc-en-Ciel's CD's on the web too.
Anyone know any online shops that are pretty reasonable?
Heh, none of them are reasonable when it comes to pricing. :D

Unless you want to settle for Hong Kong or Taiwan releases, though. That'll save you shiploads of money, but it's just not the same as original Japanese versions.

Here's a few good online stores:

Greetings, Kiwi!

For online J-Pop CD shops, I have to recommend CD Japan above all others... great selection, reasonable prices and FAST shipping! Many times I've had CDs ship from Japan on Friday and arrive in upstate New York on Monday... about a three DAY turnaround time!

They definitely stock lots of L'arc stuff... I ordered "Heavenly" from them not too long ago, and that's one of their older CDs.

CDJapan : Japanese Anime, Jpop, Japanese music, Game music, Japanese movie, CD, DVD

Check them out, and good luck!

Hi Kiwi,
I don't think that there is a cheap way of importing CDs.
I order my CDs from The Japan Centre in London, but they add their own profit to the price, plus there's the cost of importing, and then postage from them to me. So I'm paying over ツ」26, for a ツ」16 CD! However alot of my Japanese friends say that they download music from the web. As I haven't worked out how to do this, I must continue to pay full price.
If I go to Japan, I'll mail you some good CDs!🙂
Amazon Japan is ok.
You pay original price of the CDs/Books/DVDs and of course the shipping.
It's 1500 Yen + 300 Yen per piece ordered I think.
It's not bad if you order a lot of stuff at the same time (I order together with friends).
That was a hard choice...because I like both Hyde and Tetsu....but I went for Hyde...I like his voice and well his face as well
I agree with Hyde's voice....*melts* I liked Ken when he didn't have the "Shaggy" whiskers look...he looks so adorable when he looks about 12
my choice will definately be hyde! he's a great vocalist... anyway i'm new here. nice to meet all of you...
Welcome to the forum. Everyone here is so friendly. It's like an extended family.

I'm glad most agree with my choice in Hyde. He is so scrumptious!!! Kakkoii ne!
Tetsu is gorgeous too, and I like his sense of humor. But Hyde is my favorite. Haido san ga daisuki desu!!!😍
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