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How to know if someone likes/loves you?

justin9213 said:
I`ve heard staring at the person make them like you! is it true?
LOL! Are you talking about those eyes of girls you see in Victorias' Secret catalog, or just a stare of someone who has their mouth open?

I'm sorry justin, I shouldn't make fun of your post.:p
lol, not the "IM GONNA EAT YOU!" look. But the I need you, look , like victorias secrect.
Maybe this was meant as a hoot and if so, sorry for raining on the parade, but staring at someone <<discreetly>> until they realize that you have been "gazing at them intently" is not a bad way of finding out, from the reaction on his/her face, how they feel about having attracted your attention.

Is there some "magic spell" that comes from staring at someone? Only so far as in the para above, or such has been my experience of life. Doing the above has brought me both pleasure (from a mutual attraction) to the threat of hostility (what are you looking at?), so it is important to maintain enough distance to make a dignified retreat and keep your self restraint.

I know, I <<talk>> too much, but sometimes when the words start to flow ...
It only have happened once but I guess when someone get really clumsy and shy is kind of obvious.
I personally think every person reacts differently when they romantically like someone, people mind is not like math, or physics; every mind is a world :).
justin9213 said:
I`ve heard staring at the person make them like you! is it true?
I think it can't make other person like you, but it can make them think you like them.
justin9213 said:
Forget the person I like!!! I am never going to like anyone again!!!
I guess you kinda screwed it? Well it does happen sometimes, especially since you lack of experience. I can't really help you since approaching a girl varies depending on the culture, but from what I've witnessed so far, most girls are attracted by funny, positive and self confident guys. I think you just have to learn not to be too tensed and enjoy yourself a lil bit more. It was only a failure but it doesn't mean the end. You'll see that everything comes at the right time... it always does...
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