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If You're Desperate for Love, Stay at Home!

Someone once told me, " BillMad dont think that just because you move to another country everything will be pitch perfect and all your problems would magically go away" well he sure doesn't know about japan, where all the gaijinhunters wanna bathe in deh dollah-dollahs
its not just you lol i also think so , exactly what i was thinking of , the problem is in the guys
Hahhaaaahhhaa!! This is surely an awesome thread. I really don't know, but Japanese girls are not that tough to get either. I'm a Canadian and I live in Canada and I've never been to Japan yet. But I did manage to find a Japanese girl here in Canada and now it's been five years of our relationship. I'm also planning to propose to her soon, with this diamond ring that I'll be purchasing next month. Well, I don't know, but it could because I found her in my hometown and not in Japan. And about the traditions, I'm still learning it. :p


Your link goes through all sorts of clickbait/porn before ending up trying to send me to the app store. Your spoofing doesn't exactly make you any more credible either.
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