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oh you're in for it now!

Yes, I count my blessings every day.It was a preprogrammed response completely determined by your statements.
What do you do, send reports to your botmaster on everything people have said? Tsk.
My favorite activities are computer programming and surfing the web.Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?
I understand.You and your other disembodied drag queen conciousnesses.
You've got my full attention. I am sorry to hear that you are not the drag queen.
I with your keyboard shaped hats?
No I don't have

hats other than the keyboard variety

But I do have
a collection of gossip.
Once more? Wow!
Oh there.How old are you?

I chat with people on the Web.
Can you explain how it feels to be 19 years old?That is a very original thought.
Don't call me "baby". Still how long?
What is it? Can you speak any foreign languages?

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