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Halo 2

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Wow - I just got to the point in the single player where you "cut the cable." One of the coolest things I've ever done in a video game. :D

Please, no spoilers... I hope what I just put in isn't a spoiler, but you gotta know what I mean if you've already done it.
Alright everyone!

Favorite Halo weapon!

Mine: Shotgun.

Its just something about runnining up on someone and blasting two times and watching them fall. plus the overshield is nice 😊
For Multiplayer, yeah, I like the shotgun. I think I like tossing grenades more though. :D

For the campaign, my favorite is by far the energy sword. Woah! It kicks ***. 😍

I also heart the Battle rifle and dual wielding the Needlers.
Dual weilding needlers definately pwn.
And the way the reload is beautiful, especially after someone dies!

😊 👍
How is it different after someone dies? Musta missed that part.
Its' that beautiful-ness watching a body drop and you flip your hands as little pink needles pop back up 😊 Beautiful...

Though its probally just me... :D
Ok - now I know what you mean. I'm just usually busy watching the pin-cushioned Elite go "Oh crap!" and blow up. Beauty.
me i love to dule weild 2 pistols man those magnums pwn and nothing is cooler when you kill that person on mutiplayer when he has an energy sword and you kill him with your 2 pistols lol priceless
I've never even touched a pistol in Halo 2. Any special trick, or just point and fire?
nope nothing special but the crossheirs are smaller so when you aim at the head its a definite chance of getting a headshot you should try the smg and a pistol thats a good combo as well
2 important things:

1. Cacawate will shoot you in the back,
2. We should get a group together for some capture the flag.


Oh yeah, my tag is Temmujin. Add me.
You mean the Great CACA a shooter of the back.
He must have a problem with finding who his teammates are...poor guy. I use to have that problem 😌 :p
Those mags are extremely deadly and efficient if you use them in unison *left, right, left, right*.
Winter said:
Those mags are extremely deadly and efficient if you use them in unison *left, right, left, right*.

They are, however, I like to use the sub machinegun and the Magnum together. That really messes people up, boy howdy.

Don't take this the wrong way...

But we should have a clan meeting.

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