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Otogi 2


22 Jul 2003
You heard me. Looks amazing. Discuss amongst yourselves, as I've become Vukhlempt (sp?)
*looks embarresed* I think i went otogi in my pants...😌 hehe...

Im currently looking into Otogi on the xbox. Its supposed to be really really good!! And im thinking a japanese mythological demon hacking-up game would be just my cup of tea.

Otogi is supposed to have quite heavy rpg elements to it which im not sure how they work...


[edit] just found out that its a Sega game..wooo ... 🙂 ... Porl = nuts for Sega stuff....
Heavy RPG elements? That's like saying Super Mario Bros. 2 has heavy RPG overtones because you can gamble the coins you collect in between rounds on that crazy slot game. Dang, that game was cool... mario... ah, the good ol' days. Anywho, no heavy RPG elements. I assure you you won't have to use your brain at all.... that much. Well, you get it. Crap, school's getting to me. GAAHHHHHHH!!!

As far as the RPG elements go (from what I've seen on the screenshots) I think it might work with a RPG hit counter (you hit them and how many times). But i've also read that it plays like Devil May Cry, which doesn't play like that does it? I've never played it.... Im going to rent Otogi tonight i think...if i stop myself being lazy...i was going to rent it last night but alas..Project Gothem Racing 2 got me........


*POW!! CHOP!! KICK!!!* ....

Well, you will absolutely love it. Then after that you can check out some of the movies on the www for Otogi. And then Otogi your pants... I guess...

Does anyone still call it the www?
unfortunetly my lazyness kicked into full gear last night and i didn't go and rent Otogi. But i downloaded 2 trailers of Otogi 2 and it looks a-mazing!!!!! Something for my wishlist i think! ;)

Onigri Chan : Check out www.gamershell.com and go to the movies/trailers bit. There are 2 Otogi2 trailers there. They are the same one, but have different soundtracks from what i remember. ;)

Ok, well here is the official website for O・TO・GI ~百鬼討伐絵巻~ (Hyakki-toubatsu-emaki): O-to-gi.net

There you will be able to get movies -where you can hear an awesomely haunting song sung by a singer by the name of DoRe- desktop themes, a cool Japanese clock, and more. If you can't read Japanese I believe all the blue banners in the flash are media related. And if you can read Japanese it's a very nice site with a good portion of info. If I come across any extra cool Otogi 2 stuff I'll try to post here.

I got Otogi last week ... wow!! its amazing!!! im really getting into it!! I cant wait to get my hands on Otogi 2 ...yaay!!

I've been googling and stuff to find info on DoRe but can never come up with anything. I really want to get an Otogi soundtrack if there is one. ;)

yeah, Otogi is pretty damn tough. Im on level 9.. and its solid!! 😲

excellent game though!!!! :p

silly x-box...there're just a few good games that've come out for the console, and they aren't being released for anything else. So I guess i'm S.O.L.....stingy losers
i've been playin Otogi on and off a fair bit still. Still haven't completed it. Got an awesome sword now though!!! 🙂 I dont think i am too far from the end now though, i am in the dark mirrored world.. some really neat effects and re-uses of levels. playing on the ceiling makes the levels looks completely different. :)

yeah! later on you go into a mirrored world..but the levels are coloured differently have slightly different tougher enemies, and because it is a mirrored world you play through the level with it flipped.. so you are running on the ceiling. It is great! :)

I've also just checked the otogi website and there is a soundtrack available!!!! pretty interesting news for all the peeps that were wondering about if there was a soundtrack (especially for the DoRe track) 🙂


if you go down half of the page you will see the soundtrack for Otogi 2 i think. I cant read japanese yet. :( 🙂

😌 iie.

Cacawate, can you read japanese? if you can, would you be able to tell me where i might be able to get the soundtrack from? does it say on the page i linked to? Because i cant read japanese i cant tell.. :(

arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!!! 🙂

I didn't see any info on websites or such to buy it from. The list they had below it looked like certain stores that carry it. Now that it seems so hard to get I want it more. Oh, by the by, it's coming out in the U.S. I'll try to get that link.
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