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19 Nov 2003
So at my store, we got shipment of the game a few weeks ago, and finally, after so many days of torture, we were able to sell *and buy* it this morning at midnight. Has anyone else picked up this game? I swear I had multiple orgasms when the opening invasion went underway... 😌
:D I'll be buying and playing it within a couple of hours. I'll tear myself away and back to work to write a preliminary opinion.
i got it at midnight last night i played all night winter you have X-box live???? if so whats you gamer tag?? mine is Deadly Samurai
My gamer tag is Fantt.

I just played the Single Player for about an hour - long enough to get through the first chapter. Woo!!! It's awesome!

Pros: Best voice acting I've seen in a game. Dual wielding IS as cool as you hoped. The new battle rifle is awesome, though it's use requires a tiny bit of strategy and skill. The story through the first chapter is superb. The end of the first chapter is badass. Marine AI seems better - they're helpful. The interior of the space station is very cool.

Cons: Cut-scenese are kinda rough - still awesome pictures, story, voice-acting, but some of the animation is choppy, like they tried to do too much with the limited hardware of the x-box. The graphics so far aren't the end-all-be-all, but so what, you have LOTS of covenant to kill.

Best line: Staff Seargent: "Don't make me take my belt off!"
Actually it isnt the power of the Xbox that is the problem, Bungie obviously had an incredibly large world to work with in the game, so to compensate, they almost over compensated on the texture-mapping time between scenes. Its why it takes that microsecond longer to polish the animation when a new cut-scene loads.

They could have easily worked around that, but hey, it gives the game more character. As if it needed any more, that is.

those games are expensive! How long can you play them before you get bored of the same one? Can you trade them in or sell them when they get old? When you play on-line, how many other people can play at the same time as you? Do they have different levels you can play at, so a beginner has a chance?

Frank(A guy who has never played a video game since pong)

:? 😊
it depends on the game so its always different times when we get bored of it. if a game has online capabilites it adds replay value to the game making us play longer. when your done with them you can (if you want) go to a gamestop or EBgames and trade them in for credit (at a fraction of the original value) when you play online the amount of people varies on a PC up to about 32 in most online games on Xbox it can vary from 8, 16, 32, and most games have a ranking system where you can play with people at your same skill level or not it just depends
and guys send me a friends request (if you play halo2 online) so we can blast some mofo's together :) once again my gamer tag is
Deadly Samurai

It doesn't come out in Japan for another day!!!!!

This waiting is killing me. You can expect to see me on LIVE in 24 hours.
I'm trying out Halo2 online at lunch today. Should be fun. I had a LOT of fun driving the tank across that bridge last night! Woo!
I thought the PC version of Halo was good, I hope they bring this out on PC as I don't have an xbox, although I do have a PS2
Lina Inverse said:
Taking bets now if it takes them two years again to create another miserably botched PC version... :eek:

Yeah, it usually takes mothn (or even years) for the game to come to PC, (hopefully this game will get to PC faster then the first Halo).
Anyways its released today here! :)
Got it.

Played it.
Got a headache.
Took drugs.
Played more.
Still playing.

Funny thing is, since I have the Japanese disk, all the Covenant are speaking Japanese! (Pretty cool, actually.)

👍 👍 👍
Halo 2 looks quite cool, although I think Half-Life 2 will be even cooler. 😌 I will wait for the PC release of Halo 2.
Wow - played a good bit of Halo2 on Live during lunch. It's a blast. I also just noticed that after each match, there's a TON of data collected - you can see how many shots you fired and your hit percentage, you can see how many times you saved your flag or grabbed the enemy flag. Just a TON of stuff. There's even more tracking stuff over at Bungie's website.

I agree with you Wang about Half-Life 2. I've been really looking forward to that one.
It's all in Japanese, with English subtitles.
Funny, isn't it? You'd think it would be the other way around.
Pretty cool. I understand that when Half-Life 2 is finally released next Tuesday, my copy downloaded off of Steam will allow me to play the game in any of the languages it supports, including Japanese. I want to hear the G-Man in japanese. :D
This game is astounding. I hear a few complaints here and there about the bump mapping delays on the cut scenes and I really don't find this to be an issue. To me, Bungie went above my expaectations in both a clean single player game as well as a robust multiplayer experience. It still feels like a LAN party to me, even in skirmish - I just have a whole screen to look at instead of a fourth of a screen :)

Funny note - Friends of mine and I were in a 4 on 4 oddball skirmish and we whooped the hell outta the other team. We would just have three of our guys on one of theirs and basically just overpowered them. We ended up winning by scoring at the last second. When the lobby came up, they called us cheaters and left!

Haha. Kinda hard to cheat in this game, either you die, or you don't.

Oh well.

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