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Funny picture thread

I get 91,350 yen($850) a month for my Social Security and things are not cheap here in Maine , LOL. Glad my wife is still working.

Hey Frank, I hear ya. My Social Security is right up there with yours actually. My wife get US Social Security to, but it too is very small. We both get Japanese Nenkin which is funny or I should say an insult, but what.
It really is tough here in Japan to live once you hit 60 years of age. (I'm a bit older).
The young folks that come here and want to stay and live out their lives here should read what I have to say.

buy a house.... pay it off in 10 years
save as much as you can, how much I don't know, but at the age of 60 if you have 35 million yen in the bank, OK and of course your house is paid off
it take 170000 yen to 250000 yen to live in Japan after the age of 60, That is what the TV show said the other day
expect to sell you house and live in govt. housing. If you have loving children give them your money, the care centers will take it all from you in the long run when you are old and disabled.

enjoy life in japan though, it can be once in a life time experience without being robbed or whatever
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