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Please post a funny picture.

These days they don't use 'mouhitsu' ツ(窶禿鯛?「Mツ) anymore for calligraphy, they use people instead ! :p :D

Nice Tsuyoiko 👍


What a hunting dog!! :eek: :LOL:

That one is so cute! 😍
look at the pictures of him in the picture thread haha, then you understand lol, great pictures though
Huh, lawyers...

My friend has a tallent in modifying pictures especially when she is bored at work.
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cat attack

I would have posted this in the pet photo section, but these are not my pets.
I love the way it captures the motion - 'Matrix'-style

That is one high-kicking, Kung Fu cat.
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I'm in a (extra) juvenille mood today, so here is a picture of an American product that is named after a child's euphemism for flatulence/farting.

as in; ''mummy I done a blow off''


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"She has spent hours perfecting the balancing act on her forehead, notice her expresion of deep concentration."
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