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Post your wheels here!


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15 Mar 2002
Ok everyone, if you've got Japanese car, post a picture of it here.
If it's not Japanese, you can post it as well. 🙂
Mention some of the specs too, especially if you've customized it.

I'll start of with my car:
I drive a Daihatsu Terios 4x4. I bought it from my father, after i had some bad luck with the French car i owned before this one.
I wasn't planning on keeping this car very long because it's a bit slow for my taste, but i'm actually getting used to it now and i'm rather happy with it.
It's got a 1.3 litre 16 valve engine with variable valvetiming which drives all four wheels. It's pretty standard but it has a pushbar and a scorpion striping.

This picture is not from my car (just pulled it of the web), but you'll get the idea. Once i have a pic of the real deal i'll post it here.


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woo, Terios Kid.

They used a Western Type of CM (commercial) to advertise it's debut.

ughh, I think I'll post pics of my friends cars. I drive a Honda Domani now. Nothing special about it.
When I think of it, none of my friends or family (apart from my Japanese in-laws) own a Japanese car. All of them drive German cars, my father has a Skoda limousine (Skoda has been taken over by VW, so they are basically German), my mother drives a Peugeot.

No pics, sorry.
i drive an '87 honda accord, yeah it's a little ghetto but it's still my baby... everyone in my family drives japanese cars, my mom has a nissan pathfinder and even my grandma has a toyota. My boyfriend's dad is always complaining about japanese cars because he'll only buy american, but all his cars are crappy and only last a couple of years while my honda is still goin strong... hehehe
that's me & my car
i am in weird position because of previous nights activity, i could hardly get my mind together :D


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Well, almost everyone I know has a Japanese car too. The most impressive is my mom's Nissan Pathfinder. It's an '87 model, has 230,000 miles on it and is still going strong. The only thing she's had done to it was have the oil changed and she did have to have the master cylinder replaced just a year or so ago.

My husband works for a division of Nippon Denso and they make parts for Honda, Toyota, GM, Chrysler, etc. now, but I drive a Volvo S70 and plan on getting the new Volvo XC90 next year. Of course, you can find Nippon Denso parts all throughout my car.

My husband uses a motorcycle for his transportation. He has a Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom. Do any of you ride motorcycles? I'll post a picture of his motorcycle and might post one of my car later.

"My husband works for a division of Nippon Denso and they make parts for Honda, Toyota, GM, Chrysler, etc."

Hook me up sister!!! PLEASE?!? j/k 8-p

Btw, great bike! very nice :cool:
This is my Volvo. It has Denso parts in it. Will that count?

And Iron Chef, I'd love to hook you up! ;)

Those stingy guys won't give us an employee discount in the States, though. They only give them in Japan. Meanies. Oh well.

Iron Chef, I saw you had Supra in your signature the other day. Do you have one?

This is what I want, though!

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Yeah, I got lucky and forked over some serious cash to indulge myself lol. It was one of the few things I decided early on I was gonna invest in and have not regretted that decision since. I actually putter around town in a totally lackluster and non-descript "car" (if you can call it that) that is not even worth mentioning though, heh. The Supra scene here where i'm going to school is... well... uh, non-existant to say the least (with the exception of a few others). That being said I tend to be meticulous in my care of the vehicle and don't really drive it as much as i'd like to. I'm sure that will change though once summer gets underway. 8-p

Btw, nice Volvo, although... that particular color doesn't really strike my fancy (then again you should see the gawd-awful color of what I drive around town...). 8-p I do like that new model though, sporty yet still very functional--very nice :cool:
That's awesome! And that pic is way cool too! :cool:

Speaking of Denso, here's the Toyota Team's DENSO SARD Supra GT (GT500 class):

And for you spark plug afficianados, the one used in this case is the DENSO "Iridium Racing" IQ01-31 8-p. Man, you should crop that image of yours and make it your sig Twisted, lol--I think it would be very sweet. :cool:


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Cool! Never seen a Soarer for real. Are they sold outside Japan?
My car, 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX

I even bought those headlights at a Subaru Dealership in Tokyo. The American version doesn't come with those! WEE!!

Here's my previous car. A 1998 Honda Integra converted to the Japanese version...boy..that cost me a ton of money!

Here are some pics of my car...

A nice side shot from 2 months ago:

My HKS Carbon Fiber / Titanium Exhaust and my "fake" Japanese license plate:

Here are the rims I just bought...they get here tomorrow! 18"x8.5" Konig Imagines's:

I'll post a picture after I put my new rims on!
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