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Ex-PM Abe's "Hateful Olympic Scandal"


27 Dec 2003
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Japan’s Ex-Prime Minister Is Behind This Hateful Olympic Scandal

"Despite multiple warnings, the music of Abe’s long-time ally and donor—the homophobic, ultranationalist composer Koichi Sugiyama—was played in the opening athlete march. The decision was met with global outrage, but it wasn't just an unfortunate coincidence: it was something that Abe, as an honorary Olympic adviser, had personally requested, according to a Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee employee who spoke to The Daily Beast..."

"Sugiyama—best known for creating the music for the popular “Dragon Quest” video game franchise—is notorious for all kinds of hateful political statements and positions, including siding with viciously homophobic politicians, denying a mass massacre that was carried out by the Japanese army, and falsely stating that no Korean women were used as sex slaves in Japan during World War II..."


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